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81X Sharp Top Chain - 10ft Box

81X Sharp Top Chain


Product Code: 2694-EN-81X-STDX10
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81X sharp top chain is utilized in many mill applications around the world; our standard 81X sharp top chain is manufactured with three points every pitch. Meaning that the inner sidebars and outer sidebars both have three sharp tops (points) on them. We can also supply custom configurations of the 81X sharp top chain upon request. What separates our 81X sharp top roller chain from others is not only that it is typically in-stock, but the chain features solid bushings and solid rollers. The solid bushings and solid rollers create optimal wear surfaces within the chain, extending the chain's life while also giving it an increase in performance. This chain also utilizes components that have undergone certain processes like heat-treatment, shot-peening, and pre-stressing. The combination of which results in a premium heavy-duty product that is ready for even the harshest chain environments. For additional information contact our customer service team and we will be happy to assist you!

81X Sharp Top Chain Dimensions

About Us
    • Solid Bushings
    • Solid Rollers
    • Made From Premium Alloy Steel
    • Heat-Treated Components
    • Shot-Peened Components

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