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Equivalent 8407H15 Gearbox

8407H15 Gearbox
8407H15 Gearbox

Note: Available In Sizes 2-10 (Ratios 15:1 - 25:1)
Warranty: 2-Years

Availability: Typically In-Stock
Product Code: WWE-8407H15-GEARBOX
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Description Technical Specs
This premium Worldwide Electric SMR8-15 gearbox is a dimensional equivalent and drop in replacement to the 8407H15 gearbox and will meet all of your toughest applications needs. It will also work with all 8407H15 gearbox accessories so you can still use your existing safety stock and installed base. Or if you are needing a new accessory we also have a full line of motor mounts, belt guards, tapered bushing kits, back stops, and rebuild kits. We offer size 2 through size 10 shaft mount reducers directly from stock that interchange with the "major" competitors.

A few things that makes this 15:1 ratio gear box have great durability and high performance is the use of premium bearings, FCD45 cast iron housing, sealed shafts, and manufacturing the internal components out of high grade steel that has been case hardened and precision ground to A.G.M.A. standards.

This gearbox also interchanges with a broad range of other brands and model numbers. These premium quality reducers are designed and manufactured to move loads safely and efficiently without compromising performance.

Reducer Dimensions:

  • Part #: SMR8-15
  • Ratio: 15:1
  • Box Size: 8
  • Dimension (L): 20.25"
  • Dimension (M): 28.25"
  • Dimension (N): 14.03"
  • Dimension (F): 2.4375"
  • Key: 0.625" X 0.312" X 5.375"
  • Maximum Dimension (B): 4-7/16"
  • Dimension (C): 2.06"
  • Dimension (E): 7.75"
  • Dimension (G): 4.31"
  • Dimension (W): 3.13"
  • Dimension (U): 4.00"
  • Dimension (X): 7.04"
  • Dimension (V): 5.85"
  • Dimension (Q): 7.11"
  • Dimension (Y): 2.86"
  • Dimension (H): 8.37"
  • Dimension (A1): 6.03"
  • Dimension (A2): 11.25"
  • Dimension (A3): 9.50"
  • Dimension (h): 10.13"
  • Minimum Dimension (R): 30"
  • Maximum Dimension (R): 36"
  • Dimension (P): 0.75"
  • Dimension (T): 7"
  • Gear Box Weight: 655 LBS

In addition to the standard original shaft mount reducers we can also supply the "Ultimate" series shaft mount reducers from Worldwide Electric in box sizes 2 through 9.

For additional information or load and mechanical ratings on the Worldwide Electric SMR8-15 gearbox drop in for
8407H15, or to get pricing and availability. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Phone: (407) 347-3519

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