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856-Series Sprockets

856 series engineer class sprocket is used for a wide verity of chain sizes. These sizes include 856 and SBS856 size chains. These sprockets are typically supplied as cast material but we can also supply them as steel for longer operation. The below chart shows the standard tooth counts as well as dimensions for each size. To get a quote on the sprocket or chain please contact us or fill out the below request form and we will be happy to assist you.

Sprocket Size Tooth Count Pitch Diameter Style Hub Diameter (d) (L) Pin Style

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Cast 856C10 Sprocket Cast 856C11 Sprocket Cast 856C12 Sprocket Cast 856C13 Sprocket
Cast 856C14 Sprocket Cast 856C15 Sprocket Cast 856C7 Sprocket Cast 856C8 Sprocket

Requesting 856-Series Sprockets

To get a quote on 856-Series Sprocket simply fill out the request for quote from and someone from our customer service team will contact you. Please note that if you don't see the sprocket size you need above send us an email or give us a call.

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