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Blackstar Sprockets

USA Roller Chain and Sprockets is one of the largest suppliers of Blackstar PT components in the world. For pricing or information please contact us at (407) 347-3519 or email our customer service team at sales@usarollerchain.com

Blackstar sprockets set the bar when it comes to quality at an industry competitive price point. With any sprocket, It begins with the plain material, with the Blackstar sprockets they utilize a 1045 grade of steel instead of the popular 1018 or "sintered steel" type.

Blackstar Sprocket Material

1045 Steel Element Content:
Carbon (C)
Iron (Fe)
Manganese (Mn)
Phosphorous (P)
Sulfur (S)
0.420% - 0.50% 98.51% - 98.98% 0.60% - 0.90 % ≤ 0.040% ≤ 0.050%
1045 Steel Physical Properties:
0.284 lb/in^3
1045 Steel Mechanical Properties:
Hardnes (Brinell)
Hardness (Knoop)
Hardness (Rockwell B)
Hardness (Vickers)
Tensile Strength (Ultimate)
Tensile Strength (Yield)
163 184 54 170 81,900 psi 45,000 psi
Elongation at Break (in 50mm)
Reduction of Area
Modulus of Elasticity
Bulk Modules
Poissons Ratio
Shear Modulus
16% 40% 29,000 ksi 20,300 ksi 0.290 11,600 ksi

On top of using a premium 1045 grade of steel, Blackstar sprockets are induction hardened on tooth counts 30 and below. Induction hardening is a type of surface hardening in which the teeth are induction hardened then quenched. The quenched teeth then undergo a martensitic transformation, increasing the hardness of the teeth. This drastically increases the performance and durability of the sprocket. Dimensionally Blacksatar sprockets are made to ANSI B29.1 standards so they directly interchange with other brands.

to wrap things up, all the Blackstar roller chain sprockets are black oxide coated. Black oxide is also known as blackening is a conversion coating utilized for mild corrosion resistance and appearance that minimalizes light reflection. The black oxide also provides minimum buildup versus other coatings.

Martin Vs. Blackstar Sprockets

Blackstar Roller Chain Sprockets

Below are the standard Blackstar sprockets but we also supply custom and OEM special sprockets upon request. For more information check out our roller chain sprocket nomenclature page.
QD Style
Split Taper
Taper Lock
Finished Bore
Minimum Bore A-Plate B-Hub C-Hub
Duplex Double Single Double Pitch Idler

Blackstar Conveyor Chain Sprockets

Typically conveyor chain sprockets have a special tooth-profile and design designated for their specific chain type and common application. These sprockets typically have hardened teeth and no oxide coating.
Double Pitch

Blackstar Agricultural Chain Sprockets

Agricultural sprockets are the "CA" type agricultural chains and double pitch roller chains. Blackstar agricultural sprockets are sure to get you through the season!
Double Pitch

Blackstar Pintle Chain Sprockets

Pintle chain sprockets from Blackstar are made for pintle chain pitch sizes 1.664" - 2.609" these sprockets are made to reduce buildup and have an extended wear life. For more info about this type of sprocket visit our pintle chain sprockets page.


For more information about sprockets check out our roller chain sprockets pages and more!
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40A39 Sprocket A Plate 40A39 Sprocket 40A39 Sprocket - 3 Pack


Our Price: $116.50

Blackstar Sprocket Pricing

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