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Single Strand Metric Roller Chain | Simplex ISO Chain

Single-strand metric roller chains are manufactured to ISO British standards and are designated typically within a catalog with a (-1) after the chain, Example: 06B-01. We supply size 03B-1 (5mm pitch) up to 56B-1 (88.9mm pitch) chain sizes along with the accompanying sprockets and accessories.

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Chain Size Pitch (P) Roller Width (W) Roller Diameter (D) Pin Diameter (E) Plate Height (H) C/L Width (A): Breaking Load Weight (Per Ft)
03B-1 5.0mm 2.5mm 3.2mm 1.49mm 4.1mm 7.4mm 2.4 kN 0.08 kg/m
04B-1 6.0mm 2.8mm 4.0mm 1.85mm 5.0mm 7.8mm 3.2 kN 0.12 kg/m
05B-1 8.0mm 3.0mm 5.0mm 2.31mm 7.1mm 8.9mm 5.9 kN 0.18 kg/m
06B-1 9.525mm 5.72mm 6.35mm 3.28mm 8.2mm 14.1mm 10.4 kN 0.41 kg/m
081B-1 12.7mm 3.3mm 7.75mm 3.66mm 9.9mm 10.2mm 9.97 kN 0.28 kg/m
083B-1 12.7mm 4.88mm 7.75mm 4.09mm 10.3mm 12.9mm 12.7 kN 0.42 kg/m
085B-1 12.7mm 6.38mm 7.77mm 3.58mm 9.9mm 14.0mm 12.26 kN 0.4 kg/m
08B-1 12.7mm 7.75mm 8.51mm 4.45mm 11.8mm 18.2mm 19.4 kN 0.7 kg/m
10B-1 15.875mm 9.65mm 10.16mm 5.08mm 14.7mm 20.9mm 27.5 kN 0.9 kg/m
12B-1 19.05mm 11.68mm 12.07mm 5.72mm 16.0mm 24.2mm 32.2 kN 1.3 kg/m
12BH-1 19.05mm 11.68mm 12.07mm 5.94mm 16.0mm 26.8mm 40.0 kN 2.0 kg/m
16B-1 25.4mm 17.02mm 15.88mm 8.28mm 21.0mm 37.4mm 72.8 kN 2.7 kg/m
20B-1 31.75mm 19.56mm 19.05mm 10.19mm 26.4mm 45.0mm 106.7 kN 3.6 kg/m
24B-1 38.1mm 25.4mm 25.4mm 14.63mm 33.4mm 57.8mm 178.0 kN 6.7 kg/m
28B-1 44.45mm 30.99mm 27.94mm 15.90mm 37.0mm 29.5mm 222.0 kN 8.3 kg/m
32B-1 50.8mm 30.99mm 29.21mm 17.81mm 42.2mm 71.0mm 277.5 kN 10.5 kg/m
40B-1 63.5mm 38.1mm 39.37mm 22.89mm 52.9mm 89.2mm 394.0 kN 16.0 kg/m
48B-1 76.2mm 45.72mm 48.26mm 29.24mm 63.8mm 107.0mm 621.6 kN 25.0 kg/m
56B-1 88.9mm 53.34mm 53.98mm 34.32mm 77.8mm 123.0mm 940.0 kN 35.0 kg/m

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