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WR124 Chain | Welded Steel Mill Chain

WR124 Chain
WR124 Chain

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Our welded steel Our welded steel WR124 chain is manufactured to exceed expectations in working life, strength, and quality. The welded steel style chain is one of the most popular types of Engineer Class Chain on the market. This is widely due to its effectively productive offset link design. With an ultra-high tensile strength of 50,400 lbs at a low per foot weight of 8.3 lbs, WR124 chain makes an excellent and efficient use in whichever application it is used in. What makes our WR124 chain different is the use of high-grade steel so the core of the components has great metallurgy. Common applications for WR124 welded steel chain include heavy-duty conveyors, forestry, grain handling, pulp, paper, and sugar processing. This chain is supplied as 10' coils (30 link strands) and is supplied with one heat-treated connecting pin per coil.
WR124 vs WH124 vs WH124XHD
WR124 and WH124 chain directly interchange with each other dimensionally and are both equally as popular. WH124XHD extra heavy duty chain dimensionally is the same but with different side-bar thickness (+0.125"). However, when taking a closer look there are differences. WR124 does not implement fully heat-treated components like WH124 and WH124XHD chain does, thus it has a much quicker wear life and a lower tensile strength rating. Because of this we primarily recommend WH124 chain for general applications and WH124XHD chain for applications requiring the highest strength 124 chains available.
WR124 tensile strength - 50,400 LBS
WH124 tensile strength - 60,000 LBS (+9,600 LBS)
WH124XHD tensile strength - 122,000 LBS (+71,600 LBS)
Made in USA WR124 Chains
Something that really sets USA Roller Chain and Sprockets apart from other suppliers in the industry is our lineup of domestically manufactured chains. We supply a Made in USA WR124 chain for almost the same price as an import chain, the benefit of domestic welded steel chains boils down to the metallurgy and workmanship/ quality control. Domestic steel has better properties than import and US workers ensure the chain is up to quality standards and is ready for install. Though working loads and tensile strengths are the same with a domestic chain, the metallurgy that domestic materials support will provide an overall better working life in the long-run.

WR124 Chain Dimensions

  • Part Number: WR124
  • Tensile Strength: 50,400lbs
  • Pitch (A): 4.000"
  • Side Bar Height (B): 1.500"
  • Side Bar Thickness (C): 3/8"
  • Rivet Pin Diameter (D): 3/4"
  • Overall Width (E): 4-1/4"
  • Bearing Length (F): 2-13/16"
  • Barrel Diameter (H): 1.250"
  • Maximum Sprocket Width (G): 1-1/8"
  • Extreme Durability & High Strength
  • Easy Attachment Weld Ability

WR124 Chain Sprockets

Additionally, we offer a full line of high-quality sprockets that range in tooth size, bore size, and hub configuration, and is manufactured specifically for WR124 chain. We can even supply Made To Order (MTO) and custom sprockets to meet your exact application needs.
Correct Chain/ Sprocket Travel Direction

WR124 Chain Attachments

WR124 attachments can be supplied onto the chain in any spacing/ configuration needed.
Standard Attachments:

WR124 A22

WR124 A22 Slotted



WR124 RF12

WR124 RF2

WR124 Log Chair

WR124 F4

WR124 S1

WR124 Slasher

WR124 R2

WR124 RR2

WR124 A Cradle

WR124 B Cradle

WR124 C Cradle

WR124 Special C Cradle
Non-Standard Attachments:

Pusher Attachment

Flat Bar

HSS Square Tube
Pusher Attachment - These are used in trimmer applications, steel mills, and applications for pushing heavy or large products.
Flat Bar - These attachments are offered as just a standard steel flat plates/ flights or with UHMW or press-fitted steel tube. The UHMW flights act as the wear strip in the bottom of a conveyor.
HSS Square Tube - These are easily replaceable UHMW or steel tube sleeves that reduce wear, maintenance cost, power consumption, and reduce noise.
Non-standard attachments are made per requested dimensions from the customer.

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WR124 Pin
WR124 Pin

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