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Concentric SWAC3X Studded V-Guide Bearing - Thru-Hole Style

Concentric SWAC3X Studded Bearing


Product Code: 2924-SWAC3X-BEARING
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Description Technical Specs
The concentric thru-hole style SWAC3X studded v-guide wheel roller bearing is a modern engineering miracle for effective long-term linear motion requirements. V-guide wheel bearings offer the ultimate design flexibility for virtually any guided motion application. Having a 90-degree angle, the v-bearing creates a natural wiping action while also clearing debris from the system. SWAC3X bearings are utilized in automation, woodworking, printing, packaging, and textile applications. The SWAC3X bearing features special stainless steel and NBR shield/ seals for protection, keeping the internal lubricant in while unwanted debris is out; this bearing is fantastic for general purpose uses and factory floor conditions. For more information or a quote on SWAC3X bearings and accessories, please get in touch with our customer support team, and we will be happy to assist you!

SWAC3X Studded V-Guide Bearing Dimensions

  • Part #: SWAC3X
  • Wheel Size: 3
  • Adjustability: Concentric
  • Overall Length (B): 1.967"
  • Wheel Diameter (C): 1.803"
  • Journal Diameter (D1): 0.4711"
  • Journal Length (E): 1.18"
  • Thread Length (F): 0.71"
  • Thread (G): M12 X 1.75
  • Hex Thickness (H2): 0.137"
  • Vee Height (J): 0.450"
  • Hex Size (K): 0.748"
  • Protection: Seal/ Shield
  • Wheel Material: 52100 Steel
  • Ball Retainer Material: Nylon 6,6
  • Grease: Shell Alvania EP2
  • Temperature Range (�F): -22 to +212
  • Shield Material: 300 Series Stainless
  • Seal Material: NBR
About Us
    • Swiss Made For Optimal Quality
    • Machined To Precision Tolerances
    • Premium Double-Row Angular Contact Bearing
    • Self Cleaning Action
    • Utilizes Premium Internal Lubricant
    • Highly Versatile Design

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