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Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearings

A cylindrical roller thrust bearing is a type of bearing that can only support an axial load and cannot support any radial load. In addition to supporting axial loads, cylindrical thrust roller bearings can accommodate impact axial loads well. These bearings can also operate at relatively high rotational speeds in excess of 3000 rotations per minute. Typical axial cylindrical roller bearings are thin, with cylindrical rollers between the two raceways. The rollers often overlap to increase the bearing lifetime by reducing internal wear or grooving.

Axial cylindrical roller bearings can be manufactured with the interior raceways spherically ground to aid in self-adjusting due to initial misalignment. Axial load cylindrical roller bearings tend to have a slim profile, making them ideal for tight spaces. Cylindrical roller thrust bearing applications include use in equipment that drills or lifts, gearboxes, wheeled construction equipment, extruders and pumps. Due to their ability to support high axial load, they are often found in construction or heavy equipment–based applications.

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