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Double Pitch Stainless Steel Roller Chains

We stock a full line of double pitch stainless steel roller chains. These chains are typically used in conveying applications that require an anti-corrosive and non-magnetic roller chain. The double pitch stainless steel roller chains we have in stock are manufactured out of 304-grade stainless steel but are available as 316-grade stainless steel upon request.

Stainless Steel Double Pitch Sprockets

Depending on the tooth count and stainless steel double pitch roller chain that is going to be used, you can use a stainless steel double pitch sprocket with double pitch chains, but in some cases, you can use a standard single pitch chain sprocket. It is highly recommended to contact us when needing a sprocket so you do not get a part that you can not use.

Stainless Steel Double Pitch Attachments

We also have a complete line of stainless steel double pitch chain attachments available. You can purchase them as individual attachment links or we can supply the chain with attachments already assembled onto it. The only things we need to know are the attachment spacing and the attachment type. If you are unsure of the attachment, simply email our sales team at sales@usarollerchain.com and we will be happy to identify it for you.

Application Specific Chains

We work with a wide range of OEMs and we can supply application specific roller chains directly from stock. For example, the roller chain in the above photo is used in packing houses for produce. We keep this chain in stock at an extremely competitive price and because we are knowledgable in the application, there are some added features to it that other chains from other companies do not offer.