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Metal Detectors for Food Industry

Protect your machinery and reputation with food metal detectors from USA Roller Chain & Sprockets. Ferrous, nonferrous and stainless-steel scrap can find their way into your production line. A metal detector for food-processing industry needs will stop those tainted items from ever leaving the quality-assurance area. Food tends to be difficult when it comes to metal detection. The elements within the food, including salt, can trick most detectors. Today's technology is so advanced that a single food-grade metal detector can find particles in no time at all.

Food-processing metal detectors come in several styles. USA Roller Chain can assist in finding the right metal detectors for food-industry applications. Sterility, for example, is a key feature that you want in your system. Consider an addition of an x-ray machine to catch those other contaminants, such as bone. USA Roller Chain paves the way toward a safer food industry with quality detectors.

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