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Stainless Steel Citrus Chain | C2060HSS W/ 1/2" X 1-5/8" D-5 Ev 2nd - 10FT

Stainless Steel Citrus Chain

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Description Technical Specs
C2060H stainless steel roller chain with a 1/2" X 1-5/8" D-5 attachment every 2nd pitch (every pin link) is a standard roller chain used in citrus packing houses worldwide! We also supply this chain with a 9/16" diameter pin. Our stainless steel citrus chain is constructed from high-quality 304-grade stainless steel for optimal corrosion resistance and food-grade rating. At USA Roller Chain, we designed and manufactured what can be called the pinnacle of citrus chain, utilizing specific features like solid rollers, factory pre-loading, and extraordinary precision forming and blanking processes for each component puts this citrus chain at the top of the food chain! Each box contains 10 feet of chain plus one connecting link (master link) for connecting the chain. Stainless steel citrus chain is used within live roller conveyors; the 1/2" diameter X 1-5/8" projection D-5 pin is inserted into a roller end cap that supports the conveyor roller.
End Cap Examples:

The design is simple yet highly effective for conveying citrus fruits like; oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits. For additional information or large quantity requests, please get in touch with our customer service team, and we will be happy to assist you!

1/2" D-5 Stainless Steel Citrus Chain Dimensions

  • Part #: C2060HSS-12-D5-EV2NDX10
  • Pitch (P): 1.500"
  • Roller Width (R): 0.495"
  • Roller Diameter (D): 0.469"
  • Overall Width (W): 1.189"
  • Connecting Link Width Without Pin (X): 1.354"
  • Plate Height (H): 0.707"
  • Pin Diameter (L): 0.234"
  • D-5 Pin Projection (K): 1.625"
  • D-5 Pin diameter (V): 0.500"
  • Weight: 1.20 LBS/ FT
  • Material: 304-Grade Stainless Steel
  • Click Here For 9/16" Diameter D-5
304 Stainless Steel Composition:
Carbon - 0.080%
Manganese - 2.000%
Phosphorus - 0.045%
Sulfur - 0.030%
Silicon - 0.750%
Chromium -18.000% - 20.000%
Nickel - 8.000% - 10.500%
Aluminum - 0.100%
Chain Temperature Range: -200° to + 400°

Stainless Steel Citrus Chain Information

  • When running stainless steel chain, it is recommended to operate it with stainless steel sprockets. The reasoning is that carbon steel has a higher surface hardness when compared to stainless, which results in accelerated wear on the chain rollers.
  • The stainless steel citrus chain is made entirely from 304-Grade stainless, which means it is highly resistant to corrosion and chemical attack while complying with FDA food-grade requirements. One downside to stainless is that it is considerably weaker than carbon steel. So consult our team regarding load requirements if you are changing from a coated, nickel-plated, or plain carbon steel citrus chain to stainless.
  • Stainless steel citrus chain connecting links (master links) are supplied as cottered construction. The D-5 attachment pin in ours utilizes a unique retaining method and design to prevent pin roll and misalignment.
  • The stainless steel citrus chain itself is a riveted construction. Should the need ever arise to break the chain to modify or replace it, we recommend using our CP3 chain puller and CB2 chain breaker.

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About Us
    • Premium Stainless Steel Citrus Chain
    • 1/2" Diameter D-5 Extended Pin
    • Made From 304-Grade Stainless Steel
    • Dimensionally Conforms With ANSI Standards
    • Solid Rollers & Precision Components
    • Supplied as a 10ft Box Including One Connecting Link

Stainless Steel Citrus Chain | C2060HSS W/ 9/16" X 1-5/8" D-5 Ev 2nd - 10FT C2060H Stainless Steel Connecting Link With 1/2" D-5 Attachment Connecting Link
C2060HSS W/ 9/16" X 1-5/8" D-5 Ev 2nd C2060H Stainless Steel Citrus Chain With 1/2" D-5 Attachment Connecting Link

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