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Thin Section Ball Bearings

Thin section ball bearings are designed specifically for space-saving needs. Thin section bearings have inner and outer raceway diameters that have been minimized or "thinned". When the ball bearing meets the condition of the bore diameter greater than four times the radial cross-section, it is considered a thin ball bearing. Low-profile bearings also tend to have a smaller width, making them overall a smaller bearing for spatially constrained applications. As a result of their smaller size and weight, a reduction of torque loss in robotics, construction equipment and other machinery makes these types of bearings highly efficient.

Thin ball bearings can tolerate a light radial thrust or combined loads, but the load capacity is attenuated due to the thinning of the raceways. Their small width increases design flexibility and overall has low friction. Low-profile ball bearings are used in applications such as engines, precise robotic joints and camshafts.

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