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04B Chain Sprockets

Size 04B chain is the second smallest British Standard roller chain made. Because of this, high-precision tolerances are necessary not only for manufacturing the chain but manufacturing the sprockets as well. Our sprockets are made with these high-precision tolerances using state of the art modern equipment, they are also constructed out of a high-quality high-strength steel so not only are the 04B sprockets effectively high-performance, they also out-last other brands. Standard configurations for these sprockets include A-Plate and B-Hub (hub on one side), while stock bores will range from 8mm up to 15mm and diameters range from 18mm to 241.2mm. We also supply finished bore/ bore to size sprockets from our in-house machine shop. To get a quote or for additional information please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.

04B A-plate Sprockets

Sprocket Size
Tooth Count
Outside Diameter (OD)
Pitch Diameter (PD)
Stock Bore (ID)
Weight (kg)
04A8 8 18.0mm 15.67mm 5mm 0.003
04A9 9 19.9mm 17.54mm 5mm 0.004
04A10 10 21.7mm 19.42mm 6mm 0.005
04A11 11 23.7mm 21.30mm 6mm 0.006
04A12 12 25.4mm 23.18mm 6mm 0.007
04A13 13 27.3mm 25.05mm 8mm 0.008
04A14 14 29.2mm 26.96mm 8mm 0.009
04A15 15 31.1mm 28.86mm 8mm 0.011
04A16 16 33.0mm 30.76mm 8mm 0.012
04A17 17 35.0mm 32.65mm 8mm 0.013
04A18 18 36.9mm 34.55mm 8mm 0.014
04A19 19 38.8mm 36.44mm 8mm 0.017
04A20 20 40.7mm 38.34mm 8mm 0.020
04A21 21 42.6mm 40.25mm 8mm 0.022
04A22 22 44.5mm 42.16mm 8mm 0.023
04A23 23 46.4mm 44.06mm 8mm 0.027
04A24 24 48.3mm 45.96mm 8mm 0.028
04A25 25 50.2mm 47.87mm 8mm 0.030
04A26 26 52.1mm 49.77mm 8mm 0.032
04A27 27 54.0mm 51.67mm 8mm 0.035
04A28 28 55.9mm 53.58mm 8mm 0.038
04A29 29 57.8mm 55.50mm 8mm 0.040
04A30 30 59.8mm 57.42mm 8mm 0.046
04A31 31 61.7mm 59.31mm 8mm 0.050
04A32 32 63.6mm 61.21mm 8mm 0.051
04A33 33 65.5mm 63.11mm 8mm 0.052
04A34 34 67.4mm 65.02mm 8mm 0.058
04A35 35 69.3mm 66.93mm 8mm 0.060
04A36 36 71.2mm 68.84mm 8mm 0.063
04A37 37 73.1mm 70.75mm 8mm 0.071
04A38 38 75.0mm 72.66mm 8mm 0.072
04A39 39 76.9mm 74.56mm 8mm 0.073
04A40 40 78.9mm 76.47mm 8mm 0.078
04A41 41 80.8mm 78.38mm 8mm 0.085
04A42 42 82.7mm 80.28mm 8mm 0.092
04A43 43 84.7mm 82.19mm 8mm 0.100
04A44 44 86.6mm 84.10mm 10mm 0.106
04A45 45 88.5mm 86.01mm 10mm 0.110
04A46 46 90.4mm 87.92mm 10mm 0.114
04A47 47 92.3mm 89.93mm 10mm 0.118
04A48 48 94.2mm 91.74mm 10mm 0.122
04A49 49 96.1mm 93.64mm 10mm 0.126
04A50 50 98.0mm 95.55mm 10mm 0.130
04A51 51 99.9mm 97.47mm 12mm 0.137
04A52 52 101.8mm 99.37mm 12mm 0.145
04A53 53 103.7mm 101.27mm 12mm 0.160
04A54 54 105.6mm 103.17mm 12mm 0.175
04A55 55 107.6mm 105.08mm 12mm 0.195
04A56 56 109.5mm 107.00mm 12mm 0.215
04A57 57 111.4mm 108.93mm 12mm 0.250
04A58 58 113.3mm 110.82mm 12mm 0.255
04A59 59 115.2mm 112.71mm 12mm 0.270
04A60 60 117.1mm 114.62mm 12mm 0.275
04A62 62 120.9mm 118.45mm 14mm 0.300
04A64 64 124.7mm 122.27mm 14mm 0.310
04A65 65 126.6mm 124.18mm 14mm 0.325
04A66 66 128.5mm 126.09mm 14mm 0.330
04A68 68 132.4mm 129.91mm 14mm 0.360
04A70 70 136.2mm 133.73mm 14mm 0.370
04A72 72 140.0mm 137.55mm 16mm 0.380
04A75 75 145.7mm 143.28mm 16mm 0.400
04A76 76 147.6mm 145.19mm 16mm 0.410
04A78 78 151.5mm 149.01mm 16mm 0.500
04A80 80 155.3mm 152.82mm 16mm 0.500
04A85 85 164.8mm 162.37mm 16mm 0.600
04A90 90 174.4mm 171.92mm 16mm 0.670
04A95 95 183.9mm 181.47mm 16mm 0.800
04A100 100 193.5mm 191.01mm 16mm 1.000
04A110 110 211.6mm 210.11mm 16mm 1.100
04A114 114 220.2mm 217.75mm 16mm 1.100
04A120 120 231.7mm 229.20mm 16mm 1.200
04A125 125 241.2mm 238.75mm 16mm 1.300

04B B-Hub Sprockets

Sprocket Size
Outside Diameter (OD)
Pitch Diameter (PD)
Hub Diameter (H)
Stock Bore (ID)
Length Thru Bore (L)
Weight (kg)
04B8 18.0mm 15.67mm 9.8mm 5mm 10mm 0.01
04B9 19.9mm 17.54mm 11.5mm 5mm 10mm 0.01
04B10 21.7mm 19.42mm 13mm 6mm 10mm 0.01
04B11 23.6mm 21.30mm 14mm 6mm 10mm 0.01
04B12 25.4mm 23.18mm 16mm 6mm 10mm 0.02
04B13 27.3mm 25.05mm 18mm 8mm 10mm 0.02
04B14 29.2mm 26.96mm 20mm 8mm 10mm 0.03
04B15 31.1mm 28.86mm 20mm 8mm 10mm 0.03
04B16 33.3mm 30.76mm 20mm 8mm 13mm 0.04
04B17 35.0mm 32.65mm 20mm 8mm 13mm 0.04
04B18 36.9mm 34.55mm 20mm 8mm 13mm 0.05
04B19 38.8mm 36.44mm 20mm 8mm 13mm 0.05
04B20 40.7mm 38.34mm 20mm 8mm 13mm 0.06
04B21 42.6mm 40.25mm 25mm 8mm 13mm 0.06
04B22 44.5mm 42.16mm 25mm 8mm 13mm 0.06
04B23 46.4mm 44.06mm 25mm 8mm 13mm 0.06
04B24 48.3mm 45.96mm 25mm 8mm 13mm 0.06
04B25 50.2mm 47.87mm 25mm 8mm 13mm 0.07
04B26 52.1mm 49.77mm 30mm 8mm 15mm 0.15
04B27 54.0mm 51.67mm 30mm 8mm 15mm 0.15
04B28 55.9mm 53.58mm 30mm 8mm 15mm 0.15
04B29 57.8mm 55.50mm 30mm 8mm 15mm 0.15
04B30 59.8mm 57.42mm 30mm 8mm 15mm 0.15
04B31 61.7mm 59.31mm 30mm 8mm 15mm 0.15
04B32 63.6mm 61.21mm 30mm 8mm 15mm 0.16
04B33 65.5mm 63.11mm 30mm 8mm 15mm 0.16
04B34 67.4mm 65.02mm 30mm 8mm 15mm 0.16
04B35 69.3mm 66.93mm 30mm 8mm 15mm 0.16
04B36 71.2mm 68.84mm 30mm 8mm 15mm 0.16
04B37 73.1mm 70.75mm 30mm 8mm 15mm 0.16
04B38 75.0mm 72.66mm 30mm 8mm 15mm 0.16
04B39 76.9mm 74.56mm 30mm 8mm 15mm 0.16
04B40 78.9mm 76.47mm 30mm 8mm 15mm 0.16
04B45 88.5mm 86.01mm 40mm 10mm 18mm 0.50
04B50 98.0mm 95.55mm 50mm 12mm 20mm 0.50
04B57 111.4mm 108.93mm 50mm 12mm 20mm 0.60

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