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101.6 K3 Marsh Buggy Chain | Marsh Buggy Track Chain

1016 K3 Marsh Buggy Chain
101.6 K3 Marsh Buggy Chain


Product Code: 1016-K3-MARSH-BUGGY-CHAIN
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Description Technical Specs
101.6 K3 marsh buggy chain is found in marsh buggy excavating and transporting equipment all around the world in various wetlands and marshes. The chain is designed with extended tabs on the outer links for slats to attach to, the assembly creates what is called a track chain and is similar to the common tank track design. Our 101.6 K3 marsh buggy chain is manufactured utilizing premium quality steel that has been undergone numerous manufacturing techniques and processes to ensure maximum life and durability of the chain. We also supply 101.6 K3 pitch marsh buggy chain sprockets as well as extra replacement parts. For More information or to get a quote on 101.6 K3 pitch marsh buggy chain please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

101.6 K3 Marsh Buggy Chain Dimensions

  • Chain Size: 101.6 K3
  • Dimension (F): 101.6mm
  • Dimension (W): 133.6mm
  • Dimension (N): 50.8mm
  • Dimension (E): 82.6mm
  • Dimension (d4): 10.3mm
  • Dimension (d5): 15mm
  • Dimension (H): 36mm
  • Dimension (P): 101.6mm
  • Dimension (b1): 31.8mm
  • Dimension (D): 57.15mm
  • Dimension (d): 15.88mm
  • Dimension (L1): 33.8mm
  • Dimension (L2): 39mm
  • Dimension (h): 38.1mm
  • Dimension (h1): 44.4mm
  • Dimension (t/ T): 6.4mm
  • Weight: 14.2 kG/ M

About Us
    • High-Quality Marsh Buggy Chain
    • Made From Premium Materials
    • Utilizes Numerous Strengthening Manufacturing Techniques

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