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1.760" OD UHMW Conveyor Roller Bearing - EP0159

1.760" OD UHMW Conveyor Roller Bearing

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Product Code: 3875-EP0159
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Description Technical Specs
The EP0159 conveyor roller bearing is a precision UHMW roll end bearing made for 2" OD tubing with a 1.760" tubing ID that is 11-gauge thickness. EP0159 roll-end bearings are found in a wide variety of applications and industries. The benefits of these are self-lubricating, exceptional durability, long wear life, and versatility. The EP0159 1.760" OD UHMW conveyor roller bearing can be used with PBVX, steel, or stainless steel and provides a simple, quiet, and reliable conveying solution. For more information or a quote on our EP0159 roller end bearings, contact our customer support team; we will gladly assist you!

EP0159 Conveyor Roller Bearing Dimensions

  • Part #:EP0159
  • Tubing O.D. (A): 2"
  • Tubing Gauge: 11
  • Tubing Wall: 0.120
  • Tubing I.D. (B): 1.760"
  • Dimension (C): 1-5/8"
  • Dimension (D): 5/16"
  • Dimension (E): 1-1/4"

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