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24B Double Capacity Roller Chain | 24BDC Chain - 10FT

24B Double Capacity Roller Chain

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Product Code: 24B-DC-CHAIN
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24BDC double capacity roller chain is a high-strength 1.50" pitch chain that can operate on BS/ ISO single-strand sprockets with roughly double the tensile and working capacity as a standard 24B-1 roller chain. This unique chain is designed with double the amount of side plates and an enlarged pin giving it strength capabilities almost on par with a leaf chain with the flexibility of a roller chain. 24B double-capacity chain boasts an average ultimate tensile strength of 80,700 pounds with a tremendous dimensional-to-strength form factor of only 3.17" at its widest point (the connecting link)! What sets our 24B double-capacity chains apart from others is the use of top-grade material grades, special high-shock pins, wide-waste link plates, precision heat-treated components, shot-peened components, a specific factory pre-load, and solid round parts (bushings & rollers). Combining these processes, features, and premium raw materials results in a double-capacity roller chain that is highly capable and durable. We typically supply 24BDC chains in lengths of 10ft, including one connecting link, but alternative lengths are available upon request. For additional information or to get a quote on our premium 24BDC double-capacity roller chain, contact our customer support team, and we will be happy to assist you!

24BDC Double Capacity Chain Dimensions

  • Chain Size: 24BDC
  • Pitch (P): 1.500"
  • Inside Width (W): 1.000"
  • Roller Diameter (R): 1.000"
  • Pin Diameter (D): 0.437"
  • Dimension (L1): 1.48"
  • Dimension (L2): 1.69"
  • Chain Width (LR): 2.97"
  • Connecting Link Width (LC): 3.17"
  • Plate Height (H): 1.382"
  • Plate Thickness (To): 0.232"
  • Plate Thickness (Ti): 0.193"
  • Average Ultimate Strength: 80,700 LBS
  • Rated Working Load: 11,510 LBS
  • Chain Weight: 7.30 LBS/ FT

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24B Double Capacity Connecting Link | 24BDC Connecting Link

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