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35-3 Roller Chain

Introducing the 35-3 Roller Chain from USA Roller Chain & Sprockets - a high-quality, durable, and reliable power transmission solution that meets the demands of various industrial applications.

The 35-3 Roller Chain is designed to deliver exceptional performance in heavy-duty applications. This triple-strand roller chain features a sturdy construction and is made from high-quality materials, ensuring superior strength and durability. This heavy-duty roller chain is built to withstand demanding operating conditions, making ANSI 35 chain suitable for a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, and material handling.

One of the key benefits of the 35-3 Roller Chain is its wide range of uses. This roller chain is commonly used in conveyor systems where the triplex roller chain efficiently transfers motion and power to move materials along the production line. This 35 roller chain is also utilized in packaging machinery, ensuring smooth and reliable operation for packaging processes. Additionally, the 35-3 Roller Chain finds applications in material handling equipment such as forklifts, ensuring efficient lifting and transporting of heavy loads.

Another great advantage of the 35-3 Roller Chain is its compatibility with various sprockets, allowing for easy integration into existing systems. This means that you can seamlessly replace your current roller chain with the 35-3 Roller Chain without needing to make significant alterations to your equipment.

USA Roller Chain & Sprockets prides itself on delivering high-quality roller chain products that meet the diverse needs of industrial applications. The 35-3 Roller Chain is no exception, as this triple strand roller chain demonstrates our commitment to providing reliable and durable power transmission solutions.

When it comes to your power transmission needs, don't compromise on quality. Choose the 35-3 Roller Chain from USA Roller Chain & Sprockets and experience reliable, efficient performance in your industrial applications.

Triple strand roller chain (also known as triplex) is typically used in heavy-duty industrial power transmission applications that require a high-strength ANSI roller chain. Our 35-3 roller chain is dimensionally manufactured per ANSI B29.1 and ISO standards, so it directly interchanges with other manufacturers. We stock Economy Plus, Premier, and Stainless Steel series of #35-3 triple roller chain. Check out the chart below to see the differences between each one, and order today!

Tensile Strength
Working Load
Solid Rollers
Solid Bushings
Shot Peened
Hardened Pins
6,400 LBS -- -- N Y Y N Y
7,590 LBS 1,210 LBS -- Y Y Y Y Y
-- -- -- N Y N N N
Note: ANSI #35-3 roller chain is a roller-less bushed type roller chain, meaning that it has no rollers.

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