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35B60 - Finished-Bore 60-Tooth Sprockets for #35 Roller Chain

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Finding a 60-tooth sprocket that remains connected to your #35 chain might be tough to pinpoint with other companies, but you can trust in USA Roller Chain's high-quality stock. Select your bore size, such as 1-inch or 1-1/4-inch, and stock up on 60-tooth sprocket 35 chain. Standard sizes are always available, or you can opt for bored-to-size sprockets. Your demands are our guide. Allow USA Roller Chain to move with your needs as industry specifications change for the good.

Our finished-bore sprockets for ANSI roller chain come with B-Style hubs and black oxidized coatings. Rust and other substances won't hinder your 60-tooth sprocket #35 chain assembly's movements. All of our stock is painstakingly checked so that quality is always part of your experience. Fill your inventory needs today with USA Roller Chain!