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Conveyor Chain Attachments

We stock a complete line of conveyor series attachments for ANSI B29.1 standard double-pitch series chains, as well as Engineer-class series chains. We can supply chains with attachments already assembled onto them in almost any configuration needed. Additionally, we can custom manufacture and fabricate custom OEM attachments. This also includes flights, crossbars, and buckets for bucket elevators.

Double Pitch Conveyor Chain Attachments

The most common style of conveyor chain attachment is for double pitch series roller chains. We stock double pitch attachments in carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel plated, and dacromet coated series. our inventory size range consists of chain sizes C2040, C2042, C2050, C2052, C2060H, C2062H, C2080H, C2082H, C2100H, C2102H, C2120H, C2122H, C2160H, and C2162H. To look at some of the most common double pitch attachments checkout our attachment roller chain section.

Engineer Class Conveyor Chain Attachments

Engineer class series chains are one of the oldest and most used styles of chains in the industry. We stock a complete line of these type of attachments and can custom fabricate custom ones. To view our standard line of attachments Click Here and then select your chain size.

Common Conveyor Chain Attachments:
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53R A-1 Attachment 53R A-11 Attachment 53R A-2 Attachment 625R K-2 Attachment
93R K-1 Attachment 95R A-42 Attachment B-1263R G-19 Attachment B-1263R G-6 Attachment
C2040 A-1 Attachment Connecting Link C2040 A-1 Attachment C2040 Nickel Plated K-1 Connecting Link C2050 Nickel Plated D-1 Connecting Link C2060H Nickel Plated SA-1 Connecting Link
C2080H Nickel Plated D-3 Connecting Link C2080H Nickel Plated K-1 Connecting Link C2100H Nickel Plated SK-1 Connecting Link C2120H K-1 Attachment Connecting Link C2120H K-1 Attachment

Requesting Conveyor Chain Attachments

To get a quote on conveyor chain with attachments give us a call or fill out the request for quote form and someone from our customer service team will contact you.

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