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F-22040 Chain | Forged Link Chain

F22040 Forged Link Chain
F22040 Forged Link Chain

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Product Code: JKF-22040-CHAIN
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F-22040 Chain has proven to be one of the most reliable conveying mediums offering a combination of versatility, strength, and abrasion resistance. Typically F22040 chain is found in wastewater applications, food processing, chemical plants, foundries, and even refineries. The high-strength and extreme durability of F-22040 chain make it an ever-growing option for conveying applications. What separates out forge link chain is various heat-treat processes and the material options available.
  • TN _ Manganese Chrome Alloy Steel (20MnCr5) Case hardened
  • CN _ Chrome Nickel Alloy Steel (18NiCoMo5) Case Hardened
  • CD _ Chrome Molly Alloy Steel (42CrMo4) Hardened & Tempered
We also supply F-22040 chain sprockets, pin styles, and attachment types. For more information or to get a quote please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

F22040 Chain Dimensions

  • Chain Size: F-22040
  • Pitch (P): 220mm
  • Dimension (T): 64mm
  • Dimension (C): 72mm
  • Dimension (S): 26mm
  • Dimension (F): 28mm
  • Dimension (R): 20mm
  • Bolt-Hole Diameter (D): 35mm
  • TN Option Breaking Load: 585 kN
  • CN Option Breaking Load: 630 kN
  • CD Option Breaking Load: 1,035 kN
  • Weight: 20.30 kG/ M

F-22040 Pin Options

Type 22 - Standard Double Circlip

Type HD/22 - Hardened Pin With Standard Circlip

Type HD/45/28RP - Headed Pin With Collar and Roll Pin Retention

Type HD/45/28S - Headed Pin With Collar and S Cotter Retention

Type SN/28S - Antirotation Snub Pin Washer and S Cotter Retention

Type HD/28S - Headed Pin With Washer and S Cotter Retention
F-22040 Chain Attachments

B-Type Flight Attachment for Horizontal Conveying:

T-Type Attachment for Horizontal and Slightly Inclined Conveying:

U Type Attachment for Horizontal and Incline Conveying (with or without blanking plate):

C Type Attachments for Horizontal, Inclined, and Vertical Conveying (with or without blanking plate):

OO Type Attachments for Horizontal and Inclined Conveying (with or without blanking plate):

Note: Please provide required dimensions when requesting attachments.
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