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F-250252 Chain | Forged Link Chain

F250252 Forged Link Chain
F250252 Forged Link Chain

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Product Code: JKF-250252-CHAIN
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F-250252 Chain has proven to be one of the most reliable conveying mediums offering a combination of versatility, strength, and abrasion resistance. Specifically, this forged link chain is designed for double-strand assemblies. These chains have a forged "double-clevis" which a scraper can easily be attached to with a u-bolt or standard fasteners. The chain allows some built-in clearance between strands which gets rid of any potential problems that may be associated with a mismatch. Double strand assemblies allow for more discharge in conveying applications that have sticky materials. Typically F250252 chain is found in wastewater applications, food processing, chemical plants, foundries, and even refineries. The high-strength and extreme durability of F-250252 chain make it an ever-growing option for conveying applications. What separates this forge link chain is various heat-treat processes and the material options available.
  • TN _ Manganese Chrome Alloy Steel (20MnCr5) Case hardened
  • CN _ Chrome Nickel Alloy Steel (18NiCoMo5) Case Hardened
  • CD _ Chrome Molly Alloy Steel (42CrMo4) Hardened & Tempered
We also supply F-250252 chain sprockets, pin styles, and attachment types. For more information or to get a quote please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

F250252 Chain Dimensions

  • Chain Size: F-250252
  • Pitch (P): 250mm
  • Dimension (T): 60mm
  • Dimension (C): 50mm
  • Dimension (S): 25mm
  • Dimension (Z): 81mm
  • Dimension (G): 12mm
  • Bolt-Hole Diameter (D): 25mm
  • TN Option Breaking Load: 380 kN
  • CN Option Breaking Load: 410 kN
  • CD Option Breaking Load: 670 kN
  • Weight: 12.00 kG/ M

F-250252 Pin Options

Type 22 - Standard Double Circlip

Type HD/22 - Hardened Pin With Standard Circlip

Type HD/45/28RP - Headed Pin With Collar and Roll Pin Retention

Type HD/45/28S - Headed Pin With Collar and S Cotter Retention

Type SN/28S - Antirotation Snub Pin Washer and S Cotter Retention

Type HD/28S - Headed Pin With Washer and S Cotter Retention
F-250252 Chain Attachments

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