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HP-1102032P Chain | Hollow Pin Chain

HP-1102032P Hollow Pin Chain
HP-1102032P Hollow Pin Chain


Product Code: HP-1102032P-CHAIN
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HP-1102032P Chain is also known as HP110/2032/P chain and is a hollow pin conveyor chain. Primarily HP1102032P chain is found in wastewater applications, food processing, chemical plants, and even refineries. The chain has become so popular due to the hollow pin design which allows for an able area for easily affixing attachments to the outer plates through the hollow pins. The attachment can be fastened tightly against the hollow pin rivet or left in a free manner to pivot.

HP-1102032P Chain is typically made of stainless steel, zinc plated components, acetal copolymer rollers, or a combination of the three options based upon the application needs. The chains breaking load ratings are based upon the zinc plated version, technical data on other vacations can be supplied at the time of quoting. We also supply HP-1102032P Chain sprockets and can custom manufactured desired attachments for the chain upon request.

HP-1102032P Chain Dimensions

  • Chain Size: HP110/2032/P
  • Pitch (P): 203.2mm
  • Breaking Load: 110 kN
  • Breaking Load (with heat-treated link plates): 200 kN
  • Average Weight: 8.92 kG/m
  • Roller (D2): 66.7mm
  • Roller (D4): 82mm
  • Roller (flange thickness): 9mm
  • Bushing Outside Diameter (D5): 33mm
  • Overall Width (F1): 58mm
  • Distance Between Sidebars (L): 26mm
  • Sidebar Thickness (S1): 7mm
  • Sidebar Thickness (S2): 5mm
  • Sidebar Height (H): 50mm
  • Pin Diameter (D6): 26.9mm
  • Hollow Pin ID (D7): 20.2mm
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