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Iwis Roller Chain

Iwis brand roller chain combines the power of German engineering, and high-standards manufacturing to produce a roller chain that not only lasts long but is durable as well. Iwis offers three different classes of roller chain which are: Ecoplus, ELITE, and JWIS. Each category is separated by quality, the Ecoplus series roller chains are good for your general applications and are available in ANSI and ISO standards. The Elite series roller chains use a higher quality lubricant and are good for applications where the chain is run a little harder and requires some additional durability and are also available in ANSI and ISO standards. At the very top there is the JWIS series roller chains, these roller chains are manufactured with unmatched precision, excellent wear resistance, and ultra high tensile strengths and are also available in ANSI and ISO standards. Additionally Iwis offers a wide range of roller chain attachments, sprockets, and specialty roller chains that are available right from stock! For more information or to get a quote on Iwis Drive Systems products please contact us.


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