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O-Ring Roller Chain

Using an O-Ring roller chain dramatically increases the performance and working life of a chain application. O-Ring roller chains are almost the same as ANSI roller chain dimensionally but are slightly wider because of the placement of o-rings within the link plates. We keep these chain in-stock in standard ANSI sizes in both our Economy Plus and Premier Series quality levels. If you do not see the size or type of o-ring chain you need, please contact us.

Economy Plus O-ring roller chain preforms well in most standard applications and will prevent dirt or debris from getting into the internal components of the chain. Though they are economically priced, these chains have a solid roller design for improved performance and use a high-quality lubricant that most o-ring chains in this price level wouldn't.

Premier Series (Premium) O-ring roller chains feature a premium quality extreme performance rubber o-ring within the link plates, a solid bushing solid roller design, heat-treated components, and hardened pins. These o-ring roller chains have the highest strengths of any o-ring chain out there. They also have the best performance and hold up the longest. These o-ring roller chains also have a slight "silencing effect" of 3 decibels or less in most applications. These chains can operate up to 176°C, but if you need a high-temp chain, please contact us.

O-Ring Roller chain Sprockets

O-ring roller chains use standard roller chain sprockets because they are almost identical dimensionally to ANSI standard chains. The only time this does not apply is when using a double (duplex) o-ring roller chain, but for standard sizes there are no service or performance decreases. We keep a full line of premium quality sprockets in stock.

O-Ring Roller Chain Construction

These chains are constructed the same way a "standard" roller chain is but as you can see in the above sketch o-rings are placed on the inside of the pin links, thus sealing in any oil or lubricants that are inside the roller and bushing while still allowing rotation of the roller. We also offer different types of o-rings for these chains for special applications. The standard o-ring is the one that comes on all of our in-stock chain, these are made for standard operating conditions. Next we have a heat resistant o-ring for applications that run in temperatures as high as 329°F. We also offer what is commonly called an "X-Ring" this has a better wear resistance 1.5 times better than the traditional o-ring.

O-Ring vs Roller Chain

When comparing a standard roller chain with an o-ring roller chain, there are a few key differences. The main one is the service factors like the ones on the chart above. As you can see, o-ring roller chain can have anywhere from 5 to 20 times the operating hours as a standard roller chain due to the construction. O-ring roller chains are also slightly wider, so when considering them in a new application it is important to ensure that you have proper clearance for the chain. O-ring roller chains also reduce the noise level of chain operation of 3 decibels or less in standard applications.