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Poly Steel Roller Chain

Poly steel roller chain is a specially engineered roller chain that is designed for applications that require a light weight, highly corrosion resistant roller chain that can operate in a broad range of temperatures. For standard poly steel applications you can use the standard poly steel roller chains (pictured in the top left) and for food grade applications use the food grade poly steel roller chain (pictured in the top right).

Poly Steel Roller Chain Construction

Our poly steel roller chain consists of two main components: a polyacetal inner link (roller link/ photo above on the left) and a premium 304-grade stainless steel pin link (outside link/ photo above on the right). These components are then assembled as per the photos above to create a complete poly steel roller chain. This combination creates a roller chain that is self lubricating, extremely anti-corrosive, higher strength than solid plastic chain, and can operate in a wide range of temperatures (-200°F to +180°F). These chains are in stock in ANSI Sizes #25 - #60, but additional sizes can be manufactured upon request.

Poly Steel Roller Chain Sprockets

When it comes to choosing a sprocket for your poly steel roller chain we recommend using a plastic sprocket. We keep a full line of high quality nylatron, UHMW, and nylon plastic sprockets in stock. Refer to the chart below for the in stock sprocket size.
Stock Plastic Sprockets
ANSI #25 ANSI #35 ANSI #40 ANSI #50 ANSI #60
25B10 35B9 40B9 50B14 60B14
25B11 35B10 40B10 50B15 60B15
25B12 35B11 40B12 50B16 60B16
25B13 35B12 40B14 50B17 60B17
25B14 35B14 40B15 50B18 60B18
25B15 35B15 40B16 50B19 60B19
25B16 35B16 40B17 50B20 60B20
25B17 35B18 40B18 50B21 60B21
25B18 35B20 40B19 50B22 60B22
25B19 35B24 40B20 50B23 60B23
25B20 35B26 40B21 50B24 60B24
25B21 35B30 40B22 50B25 60B25
25B22 35B35 40B23 50B26 60B26
25B24 35B36 40B24 50B27 60B27
25B26 35B40 40B25 50B28 60B28
25B28 35B45 40B26 50B29 60B29
25B30 -- 40B27 50B30 60B30
25B36 -- 40B28 50B31 60B31
25B40 -- 40B29 50B32 60B32
25B48 -- 40B30 50B33 60B33
25B54 -- 40B31 50B34 60B34
25B60 -- 40B32 50B35 60B35
-- -- 40B33 50B36 60B36
-- -- 40B34 50B37 60B37
-- -- 40B35 50B38 60B38
-- -- 40B36 50B40 60B40
-- -- 40B37 50B41 60B41
-- -- 40B38 50B4260B42
-- -- 40B40 50B4360B43
-- -- 40B41 50B45 60B45
-- -- 40B42 50B48 60B48
-- -- 40B43 -- 60B50
-- -- 40B45 --
-- -- 40B48 --
Bore Tolerance: +.002/ -.000
Note: ANSI 80 plastic sprockets are also available from stock.

To get a quote or for additional information, please contact our sales team at sales@usarollerchain.com or call (407) 347-3519.