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Quadruple Strand Roller Chain

We stock a full line of high-quality ANSI quad strand roller chain in three different quality levels; Economy Plus, General Duty Plus, and Premier Series. These chains are typically supplied as 10' boxes including a connecting link but can be supplied as alternate lengths upon request. On top of that, we can also supply quad strand sprockets!

The Different Quality Levels:
Economy Plus quadruple roller chains are manufactured in accordance with ANSI B29.1 Standards and feature high tensile strengths, sold rollers, and are good for moderate to light duty applications.
General Duty Plus quadruple roller chains are the best "bang for your buck" when it comes to buying roller chains. They generally offer extended performance, sold roller and solid bushings in some sizes, higher quality material, high-precision components, and are supplied with a good quality lubricant. General Duty Plus double roller chains are good for moderate to heavy-duty applications.
Premier Series quadruple roller chain takes things up a notch by being supplied with solid bushings and solid rollers on all sizes. Each component that goes into the Premier Series double roller chains are heat treated for maximum hardness shot peened and manufactured with the utmost precision. They are also pre-stretched after assembly to reduce or eliminate elongation. They offer the highest strengths, best performance, and longest working life. These chains are good for applications that require a high strength and high precision roller chain and heavy duty abrasive applications.

Quadruple Strand Roller Chain Sizes

Chain Size Pitch (P) Roller Width (W) Roller Diameter (D) Overall Width (A) Plate Height (H) Plate Thickness (T) Pin Diameter (E) Weight (Per Ft)
#25-4 0.250" 0.125" 0.130" 1.071" 0.232" 0.028" 0.091" 0.35 LBS
#35-4 0.375" 0.188" 0.200" 1.713" 0.354" 0.049" 0.141" 0.95 LBS
#40-4 0.500" 0.312" 0.312" 2.342" 0.475" 0.058" 0.156" 1.60 LBS
#50-4 0.625" 0.375" 0.400" 2.962" 0.594" 0.079" 0.200" 2.72 LBS
#60-4 0.750" 0.500" 0.469" 3.690" 0.712" 0.093" 0.234" 3.97 LBS
#80-4 1.000" 0.625" 0.625" 4.776" 0.950" 0.125" 0.312" 6.75 LBS
#100-4 1.250" 0.750" 0.750" 5.806" 1.188" 0.157" 0.375" 10.27 LBS
#120-4 1.500" 1.000" 0.875" 7.336" 1.425" 0.189" 0.437" 14.97 LBS
#140-4 1.750" 1.000" 1.000" 7.894" 1.650" 0.220" 0.500" 18.84 LBS
#160-4 2.000" 1.250" 1.125" 9.421" 1.882" 0.252" 0.563" 25.88 LBS
#200-4 2.500" 1.500" 1.562" 11.531" 2.362" 0.315" 0.781" 43.25 LBS
#240-4 3.000" 1.875" 1.875" 14.122" 2.815" 0.374" 0.937" 61.22 LBS

Available Configurations:

Quadruple roller chain is available as riveted or cottered construction. Check out our article below to see what the difference between the two is.

Riveted vs Cottered Roller Chain:

Riveted style roller chain is riveted together when manufactured and is typically better for most industrial applications. The reason for this is because a riveted chain is much more likely to hold up in a circumstance where there is a sheer shock, which is when a load is moved perpendicular to the axis of the shaft. This is not a very common thing to happen but if it does a riveted style roller chain is more likely to not break.

There are two different styles of rivets that are most common in the industry. the standard rivet on the top right and the quad staked rived on the top left. The quad staked rivet is superior to the standard double staked rivet because it has almost double the shock load resistance while greatly increases the holding power of the side plates.

Cottered style roller chain is manufactured for ease repairing or breaking the chain. However, it is important to keep in mind that cottered roller chain does incorporate press-fit side plates.
There are two different styles of cottered roller chain. The cotter style on the left is called a J-Hook cotter and is specifically manufactured for API Certified oil field roller chains. The photo on the right is the standard cotter configuration used on ANSI and ISO Standard roller chains.

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