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RENS Metal Detectors

The stray metal found in wood or whole logs can wreak havoc on your lumber system and even destroy blades causing expensive repairs and unproductive downtime. This downtime can be prevented with a high powered metal detector, and RENS metal detectors are the best in the industry to prevent costly disasters. For over 70 years RENS has been manufacturing the most dependable and accurate metal detectors out there, they are cost-effective and extremely efficient which improves your bottom line! These metal detectors will successfully detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals. A standard application for RENS detectors includes lumber mills, textile, food, vibrating conveyors, and much more!

Metal Detector Range:
  • Whole Log Metal Detector
  • Plate Metal Detectors
  • Under Conveyor Metal Detector
  • Hand-Held Metal Detector
  • Belt Conveyor Metal Detector

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RENS A60 Whole Log Metal Detector RENS Control Units RENS Flat Plate Metal Detectors Vibratory Belt Conveyor Metal Detector
RENS P-4000 Metal Detector

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