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Roller Chain Tensioners

Ever wonder what the proper way for tensioning a roller chain is? Well at USA Roller chain we have the largest selection of roller chain tensioners and tensioning systems to help you make that decision. We do this to not only help in the design phase of a conveyor but to provide a tensioning solution to almost any application that involves roller chain in the industry.

We have roller chain tensioners that are manufactured in the USA, Germany, and Italy because we wanted to showcase all of the premium options for our customers to make an educated decision when looking for a chain tensioner. The majority of our roller chain tensioners are manufactured under ANSI, ISO, or DIN specifications so they will properly tension the specific size of roller chain.

Floating Roller Chain Tensioner

Snapidle Floating Chain Tensioner
The floating roller chain tensioner is not only one of the most versatile styles of chain tensioners, but it is also very economical durable, and can work in wash-down applications. We supply these for all roller chain sizes, engineer class chain sizes, and specialty chains. They are manufactured right here in the USA and use high-quality components to ensure a long working life.

Roll Ring Tensioner

The roll ring tensioner is something that some may call an "engineering marvel". From its conception to production in Germany this chain tensioner can go in both directions and offers the longest working life of any chain tensioner available. Because of it's simplistic design it has the ability of being placed in almost any application, indoors and outdoors.

Murtfeldt Roller Chain Tensioner

Murtfeldt Chain Tensioner
Murtfeldt is one of the worlds most renowned manufactures of plastics and industrial roller chain accessories. Their chain tensioners are trusted by thousands of OEMs all over the world and are typically manufactured out of premium quality UHMW. We stock a full line of Murtfeldt products, including their roller chain guides!

Arm Style Roller Chain Tensioner

Arm Style Chain Tensioner
The arm style chain tensioner is the one that is most commonly used in the United States. It has a proven performance and can be configured for almost any application. We offer a complete line of these style tensioners for both roller chains as well as belts, our arm style chain tensioners are manufactured in Italy using top of the line components and materials.

Popular Chain Tensioners:

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RR1250-30 Roll Ring Tensioner RR625-26 Roll Ring Tensioner SE15 Tensioner SE45 Tensioner
40 Roller Chain Tensioner H74 Chain Tensioner 140 Roller Chain Tensioner 80-3 Roller Chain Tensioner
#40 Roller Chain Tensioner
Our Price: $124.99
H74 Chain Tensioner
Our Price: $309.99

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