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Rosta 06510004 60BB15 Sprocket For SE27 Tensioner

Rosta 06510004 60BB15 Sprocket
Rosta 06510004 60BB15 Sprocket


Product Code: 06510004-SPROCKET-WHEEL-SET
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Description Technical Specs
The Rosta 06510004 60BB15 idler sprocket for SE27 tensioners is manufactured to ANSI and ISO standards and is made from high-quality steel. It has 15 teeth and runs #60 roller chain for size SE 27 tensioners. For more information or to get a quote please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

06510004 60BB15 Sprocket Dimensions

  • Sprocket Size: 60BB15
  • Article Number: 06510004
  • Tooth Count: 15
  • Works With Chain Size: 60-1
  • Dimension (W): M12
  • Dimension (L): 80mm
  • Torque Hex Nut 0.5 d (Nm): 35
  • Works With Tensioner Type: SE-27
  • Adjustable Range (R) with SE: 27-65
  • Weight: 0.55 kG

Mounting Instructions for Chain Drives

Standard Positioning:

The ROSTA tensioning device should be placed on the slack side of the chain drive, close by the smaller sprocket wheel in order to enlarge its contact-arc, therefore contact application from the outer side of drive. In mounted position, the tensioner-arm should stay close to parallel to the chain run, in drain direction. By extremely long chain drives it is recommendable to install several tensioners or the type “Boomerang®” in order to enlarge the slack compensation.
Reversible Chain Drive:

By reversible chain transmissions, it is recommendable to install a tensioner on each side of the chain-strands. Due to the alternate occurring of the slack, both tensioners should only be pre-tensioned up to max. 20°, in order to retain a reset-path of 10°, when strains are changing from slack span on working span in reversible applications.
Sprocket Teeth in Mesh:

By the initial tensioning of the chain, at least three teeth of the tensioner sprocket wheel should be in mesh with the rollers. The min. distance between the sprocket wheel of the tensioner to the next sprocket wheel in the chain drive should be at least four chain-pitches.
Adjustment of Chain Track:

The wheel of the sprocket wheelset is adjustable according to the position of the chain drive track. The wheel is positioned between two nuts on the threaded shaft. In changing the adjustment band “R”, the track of the tensioner wheel can be set according to the relevant strand course. After positioning the sprocket, re-tighten the two nuts on the side. The counter-nut “B” remains always tightened.
About Us
    • High-Quality Sprocket
    • Made In Accordance With ANSI and ISO Standards
    • High-Strength Construction

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