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Cotton Module Chain (Round Bale Style)

Round Bale Cotton Module Chain
Round Bale Cotton Module Chain


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Cotton Module Chain with a round bale is the newest and on of the most common types of cotton module chain in the industry. the main benefit with using the round bale design is increased pusher hardness and rigidness. We know the cotton module chain must be manufactured to withstand the harsh environment of the cotton field, cotton module trucks, and cotton gin, so this chain is manufactured to last. We start by using specially selected steel so we know the foundation of the chain is good, next we put each component through a special heat-treating process to insure we are achieving maximum strength, durability, and push strength. On top of that we use EP2000 high-quality lubrication on the chain and ensure that each roller is treated to the maximum hardness so it will run smoother for longer, last longer, and creates less maintenance as a result. Besides the round bale style cotton module chain we offer the SK-1 type as well as the standard weld-on clip style. We also have a full line of high-quality cotton module chain sprockets and extra repair/ offset links for convenience. For more information or to get a quote please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


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About Us
    • Premium Quality C2062H Cotton Module Chain
    • Round Bale Design With Increased Pusher Hardness
    • Fully Heat-Treated Components
    • Hardened Rollers For Smoother Opperation
    • EP2000 High-Quality Lubrication For Extended Wear Life
    • Full Line Of Sprockets Available From Stock

C2062H Cotton Module Chain Offset Link C2062H Cotton Module Chain Chain Connecting Link (Master Link)
Offset Link Connecting Link

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