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WDH-110 Chain | Welded Steel WDH-110 Drag Chain 6" Pitch

WDH110 Chain
WDH110 Chain


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Description Technical Specs
WHD-110 Chain is one of the most commonly used sized of welded steel drag chain and also commonly goes by WDH110 chain. From a design aspect, WDH 110 chain offers a wide and large pushing area which can convey a sizeable amount of product at low to moderate speeds. The special barrel design of the chain also prevents material buildup within the inner parts of the drag chain, along with high-strength welds to prevent failures even with excessive side-loading situations.

Our WDH110 welded steel chain uses top-grade steel, high-precision manufacturing methods, multiple heat-treating processes to each component not only increases the tensile strength and working loads of the chain but it also extends the overall working life of the chain. We stock both an import and domestic Made in USA version of WDH-110 chain, both options provide superior durability and performance compared to other manufacturers within the same country of origins with the added up-front benefit of cost savings when using USA Roller Chain and Sprockets.

WDH-110 Chain Dimensions

  • Chain Size: WDH110
  • Pitch (A): 6.00"
  • Ultimate Strength: 61,000 LBS
  • Sidebar Height (B): 1-1/2"
  • Sidebar Thickness (C): 3/8"
  • Pin Diameter (D): 3/4"
  • Overall Width (E): 11-3/4"
  • Length Of Bearing (F): 10-1/4"
  • Maximum Sprocket Thickness (G): 9.00"
  • Links Per Foot: 2
  • Weight Per Foot: 12.0 LBS

Reverse Barrel Option:
We also stock a reverse barrel option for applications that require it.

WDH-110 Chain Sprockets

When shopping for WDH110 sprockets it's important to consider the tooth count, construction, and style. Our standard sprockets are the "drum-style" because of long-term better performance and even chain wear. Though other designs can be less-expensive upfront they can cause issues down the road. Below is a chart containing our standard sprocket sizes and dimensions.
Sprocket Number Pitch Number of Teeth Pitch Diameter Maximum Bore Shroud Diameter Tooth Face
WD110-6 6.00" 6 12.00" 4-7/16" 8.892" 9.00"
WD110-7 6.00" 7 13.83" 4-7/16" 10.98" 9.00"
WD110-9 6.00" 9 17.54" 5-15/16" 14.99" 9.00"
WD110-8 6.00" 8 15.68" 5-15/16" 12.99" 9.00"
WD110-10 6.00" 10 19.42" 5-15/16" 16.968" 9.00"
WD110-11 6.00" 11 21.30" 5-15/16" 18.92" 9.00"

Custom WDH-110 Sprockets

when it comes to custom sprockets USA Roller Chain and Sprockets has the capabilities to provide what you need within a fast manufacturing timeframe.

Custom Sprocket Request Process:
1. The first thing we'll need is dimensional information on the sprocket or a drawing/ sketch if available.
2. Next, after review, we'll move into the quoting process of the sprocket.
3. Once pricing and lead-time are agreed upon we will provide an approval print like the example one below.

4. We then create a part-number internally assigned to your specific account for future reference and once the drawing is approved the manufacturing process begins.

WDH-110 Chain Attachments

Commonly, WDH-110 chain applications will require attachments. Below are the standard attachments we offer for this chain. We can supply the chain with the below attachments in any configuration needed. Note specific attachment dimensions on attachment product pages (click on specific attachment image to view).

For additional information or pricing and availability on WDH-110 chain, sprockets, or attachments please contact us at sales@usarollerchain.com or call (407) 347-3519 and we'll be happy to assist you!

About Us
    • High Quality & High Strength
    • Manufactured Out Of A Select Grate Of Alloy Steel
    • Fully Heat Treated Components
    • Hardened Components For Increased Durability
    • Wide Pushing Aera
    • Sizable Carrying Capacity
    • Extremely Durable

WDH110 Pin
WDH110 Pin

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