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WH78 Chain | Welded Steel Mill Chain

WH78 Chain
WH78 Chain

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Description Technical Specs
This WH78 chain that we offer exceeds in quality, working life, and strength. Additionally, our WH78 chain is extremely durable, offers low maintenance, and is supplied at a great price! Something that is notable about this chain is that each and every component has been heat-treated and constructed using high-quality steel alloy to further increase the overall working life and strength of the chain. WH78 welded steel chain is often recommended for most conveying, drive, and elevating applications where a high-strength and durable steel roller-less chain is required. Some of the applications where WH78 chain is most commonly found are; heavy-duty conveyors, forest products, grain handling, pulp and paper, and sugar processing. Please note that we offer both import and American manufactured versions of WH78 welded steel chain. Something important to note is that we also stock a Made In USA WH78 welded steel chain!

WH78 Welded Steel Chain Construction

Welded steel chains got their name from their construction. A welded steel chain is manufactured with a precision strengthened weld around the outside diameter of the barrel connecting the two sidebars together. Within the barrel, there is the pin which on a WH78 chain the pin is full 360° heat-treated for optimal wear life. Then housing it all are the heat-treated distinctive offset style sidebars.

WH78 Chain Dimensions

  • Part Number: WH78
  • Tensile Strength: 33,000lbs
  • Pitch (A): 2.609"
  • SideBar Height (B): 1.250"
  • SideBar Thickness (C): 0.250"
  • Rivet Pin Diameter (D): 0.500"
  • Overall Width (E): 3.000"
  • Bearing Length (F): 2.000"
  • Barrel Diameter (H): 0.880"
  • Maximum Sprocket Width (G): 1.000"
  • Weight: 4LBS/ FT
  • Easy Attachment Weld Ability

WH78 Chain Drawing

WH78 Drawing Download

WH78 Chain Sprockets

We also offer a full line of high-quality sprockets that range in tooth size, bore size, and hub configuration. We can even supply Made To Order (MTO) and custom sprockets to meet your exact needs.
Engineer Class Sprocket Direction of Travel

WH78 Chain Attachments

WH78 A1

WH78 A2

WH78 A22

WH78 F4

WH78 H1

WH78 H2

WH78 K1

WH78 K2

WH78 R2

WH78 RR2



WH7 RF12

WH78 RF2


Strongest WH78 Chain

Often overlooked are the WH78HD heavy duty chain and WH78XHD extra heavy duty chain due to the fact that they are uncommon however, we have stock of these chains.
Chain Size
Tensile Strength
Overall Width
Weight (LBS/ FT)
WH78HD 38,500 3.3125" 6.5
WH78XHD 38,500 3-9/32" 6.3
Other variations of WH78 Chain
The below chart shows other types of WH78 chains available for a range of applications. For more information or to get a quote please contact our customer service team.
WH78 Universal Top WH78 Rooftop
WH78 UHMW Cap NM78 Plastic Rooftop

About Us
    • Heat Treated Pins
    • Head Treated Sidebars
    • Heat Treated Barrel
    • Extremely Durable
    • High Strength & Heavy Duty
    • Manufactured With High Quality Steel

WH78 Pin
WH78 Pin

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