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Corrosion Resistant Roller Chain

When choosing a corrosion resistant roller chain, it relies mainly on the application type and performance needed. We stock stainless steel roller chain, coated roller chain, nickel plated roller chain, and zinc plated roller chain.

Stainless Steel Roller Chain is primarily used in highly abrasive applications due to the anti-corrosive properties of stainless steel. The disadvantage to using stainless steel chain is that in strength demanding applications, it can wear out quicker due to stainless steel being a much softer material than carbon steel. However, we do offer a special series of stainless steel roller chain that has the same strength of the carbon steel equivalent, in an ANSI size.

Coated Roller Chain is a good alternative to stainless steel and nickel plated roller chains in qualified applications. The base components of the chain are standard ANSI carbon steel roller chain components, which means that you don't lose any strength or performance ratings. The drawback to a coated roller chain is that over time they rust; they are not recommended for most chemical applications.

Nickel Plated Roller Chain is primarily found in applications that have light to medium corrosion. They offer high strength and corrosion resistance at a relatively low cost.

Zinc Plated Roller Chain is found in a wide range of specialty conveying applications that require a roller chain that yields high strength, corrosion resistance, and can operate in a broad range of temperatures.