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Chrome Pin Roller Chain

Chrome pin roller chains have the unique ability to operate in extreme roller chain applications while keeping the same ANSI Specd dimensions as their standard counterparts. Utilizing a special chrome pin instead of the standard carbon steel pins drastically increases tensile strength, working loads, and torque. Roller chains with chrome pins are found within various applications such as textile, agricultural, packaging, printing, and many more. We standardly supply ANSI standard chrome pin roller chains in sizes ranging from #25 through #120 but have the ability to supply up to ANSI size #240, and ISO British Standard Metric chrome pin chains in sizes 03B through 48B, custom chrome pin chains can also be supplied upon request. For additional information or to get a quote on chrome pin roller chains, contact our customer support team, and we will be happy to assist you!

Chrome Pin Roller Chain Interchange Chart

25CP 25CHP 25CRP 25XP 25DHA
35CP 35CHP 35CRP 35XP 35DHA
41CP 41CHP 41CRP 41XP 41DHA
40CP 40CHP 40CRP 40XP 40DHA
50CP 50CHP 50CRP 50XP 50DHA
60CP 60CHP 60CRP 60XP 60DHA
80CP 80CHP 80CRP 80XP 80DHA
100CP 100CHP 100CRP 100XP 100DHA
120CP 120CHP 120CRP 120XP 120DHA

Chrome Pin Roller Chain Sizes

Note: this chart shows our standard stock sizes of chrome pin chains, for additional sizes please contact us.

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