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Eccentric SWSE2SSX Studded V-Guide Wheel Bearing

Eccentric SWSE2SSX Studded Bearing


Product Code: 2924-SWSE2SSX-BEARING
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Description Technical Specs
The size 2 eccentric SWSE2SSX studded v-guide wheel roller bearing is a modern engineering miracle for effective long-term linear motion requirements. V-guide wheel bearings offer the ultimate design flexibility for virtually any guided motion application. Having a 90-degree angle, the v-bearing creates a natural wiping action while also clearing debris from the system. SWSE2SSX bearings are made from high-quality 440C stainless steel and are utilized in corrosive conditions, including; medical, laboratory, food, and beverage. The SWSE2SSX bearing features NBR seals for protection, keeping the internal lubricant in while unwanted debris is out; this bearing is fantastic for any environment with corrosive conditions. For more information or a quote on SWSE2SSX stainless steel bearings and accessories, please get in touch with our customer support team, and we will be happy to assist you!

SWSE2SSX Studded V-Guide Bearing Dimensions

  • Part #: SWSE2SSX
  • Wheel Size: 2
  • Adjustability: Eccentric
  • Eccentric Offset (A): 0.038"
  • Eccentric Shoulder Diameter (B): 0.375"
  • Eccentric Shoulder Length (C): 0.110"
  • Thread (D): M8 X 1.25
  • Thread Length (E): 0.338"
  • Overall Length (F): 1.046"
  • Wheel Diameter (G): 1.210"
  • Journal Length (H): 0.448"
  • Hex Thickness (J): 0.160"
  • Vee Height (K): 0.379"
  • Hex Size (L): 0.5625"
  • Optional End Hex Size (M): 0.236"
  • Protection: Seal/ Shield
  • Wheel Material: 440C Stainless
  • Ball Retainer Material: Nylon 6,6
  • Grease: Shell Alvania EP2
  • Temperature Range (�F): -22 to +212
  • Shield Material: 300 Series Stainless
  • Seal Material: NBR
About Us
    • Swiss Made For Optimal Quality
    • Machined To Precision Tolerances
    • Premium Double-Row Angular Contact Bearing
    • Self Cleaning Action
    • Utilizes Premium Internal Lubricant
    • Highly Versatile Design

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