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FANUC Collaborative Robots

FANUC collaborative robots are revolutionizing the world as we know it! Consistently providing innovative automotive solutions, USA Roller Chain is dedicated to providing components for power transmission and your automation needs. FANUC is the world's leading supplier of cobots and boasts over 50 years of success in a broad spectrum of applications. We supply the CRX series of collaborative robots (cobots) with payload capacities ranging from 5kg to 30kg (11.02 lbs to 66.13 lbs) and reaches ranging from 994mm to 1889mm (39" to 74.37"). FANUC cobots can be utilized in virtually any application within your facility, even without fencing or other safety equipment types. Discover what cobots can do for you today when you contact us!

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FANUC CRX Robot Case Studies

CRX Cobot Welding Automation

FANUC CRX Robot Case Study 1


See how the FANUC CRX-10iA/L ramps up production for this high-end smoker and grill manufacturer!

CRX Cobot & AI Solve Sanding Challenges

FANUC CRX Robot Case Study 2


See the story of a FANUC CRX robot answering to the challenges of sanding composites and fiberglass!

Cobot Welding Increases Profits & Employee Satisfaction

FANUC CRX Robot Case Study 3


Checkout this story of a FANUC CRX Robot increase profit and employee satisfaction for this Ohio-based contract manufacturer!