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Heavy Roller Chain - ANSI Heavy Duty Chain

Heavy Series Roller Chains are manufactured to ANSI B29.1 Standards but feature thicker side plates. Having thicker side plates not only drastically increases the strength and fatigue resistance of a roller chain but also reduces stretching and wear over time. Heavy-duty roller chains are optimal for agricultural applications, skid steers, heavy equipment, and any application you want to increase the chain's horsepower capabilities without going up a size. USA Roller Chain and Sprockets have the widest selection of heavy chains; standardly, we stock simplex, duplex, triplex, double pitch, and even cottered heavy roller chains. However, if you don't see what you need, custom heavy-duty roller chains can be manufactured upon request.

Buy Heavy Roller Chains

Single Strand Heavy Chains

single strand heavy roller chain


Single-strand heavy roller chains, or simplex chains, consist of one singular row of heavy-duty roller chain.

Double Strand Heavy Chains

double strand heavy roller chain


Double-strand heavy roller chains, or duplex chains, consist of two rows of heavy-duty roller chains.

Triple Strand Heavy Chains

triple strand heavy roller chain


Triple-strand heavy roller chains, or triplex chains, consisting of three rows of heavy-duty roller chains.

Heavy-Duty Roller Chain Dimensions

Simplex Chains:
heavy duty chain side viewheavy duty chain top view
Chain Size
Pitch (P)
Roller Width (W)
Roller Diameter (D)
Overall Width (A)
Plate Height (H)
Plate Thickness (T)
Pin Diameter (E)
Weight (Per Ft)
0.250" 0.125" 0.130" 0.306" 0.228" 0.039" 0.091" 0.12 LBS
0.375" 0.188" 0.200" 0.456" 0.356" 0.060" 0.141" 0.36 LBS
0.500" 0.312" 0.312" 0.642" 0.475" 0.079" 0.156" 0.59 LBS
0.625" 0.375" 0.400" 0.794" 0.594" 0.093" 0.200" 0.75 LBS
0.750" 0.500" 0.469" 0.994" 0.712" 0.125" 0.234" 1.20 LBS
1.000" 0.625" 0.625" 1.290" 0.950" 0.157" 0.312" 1.96 LBS
1.250" 0.750" 0.750" 1.578" 1.188" 0.189" 0.375" 2.80 LBS
1.500" 1.000" 0.875" 1.966" 1.425" 0.219" 0.437" 4.00 LBS
1.750" 1.000" 1.000" 2.132" 1.663" 0.250" 0.500" 5.40 LBS
2.000" 1.250" 1.125" 2.564" 1.901" 0.281" 0.563" 7.09 LBS
2.250" 1.406" 1.406" 2.808" 2.130" 0.312" 0.687" 11.08 LBS
2.500" 1.500" 1.562" 3.160" 2.376" 0.375" 0.782" 13.54 LBS
3.000" 1.875" 1.875" 3.772" 2.850" 0.500" 0.937" 19.96 LBS
Note: All of our heavy-duty series roller chains, regardless of quality level series, are supplied with solid rollers (excluding #25H and #35H).

Duplex Heavy Roller Chains
duplex heavy duty chain side viewduplex heavy duty chain top view

Chain Size
Pitch (P)
Roller Width (W)
Roller Diameter (D)
Plate Height (H)
Plate Thickness (T)
Pin Diameter (E)
Weight (Per Ft)
60-2H 0.750" 0.500" 0.469" 1.090" 1.140" 0.712" 0.125" 0.234" 2.31 LBS
80-2H 1.000" 0.625" 0.625" 1.360" 1.420" 0.950" 0.157" 0.312" 3.97 LBS
100-2H 1.250" 0.750" 0.750" 1.630" 1.736" 1.188" 0.187" 0.375" 6.07 LBS
120-2H 1.500" 1.000" 0.875" 2.014" 2.171" 1.425" 0.219" 0.437" 8.67 LBS
140-2H 1.750" 1.000" 1.000" 2.163" 2.343" 1.663" 0.250" 0.500" 11.01 LBS
160-2H 2.000" 1.250"
1.125" 2.555" 2.736" 1.901" 0.281" 0.563" 14.64 LBS
200-2H 2.500" 1.501" 1.562" 3.230" 3.437" 2.376" 0.375" 0.782" 24.51 LBS

Heavy Duty Roller Chain Accessories

Whether you're looking to pair your chain with a sprocket, lubricate it, or find a tool like a breaker or a chain puller, we also stock a full line of heavy roller chain accessories!

Roller Chain Sprockets

Roller Chain Sprockets


We stock a complete selection of roller chain sprockets ranging from A-Plate, B-Hub, QD-Bushed, and Taper Bushed configurations. Additionally, we supply custom-made roller chain sprockets upon request!

Roller Chain Breaker

Roller Chain Breaker


Our premium chain breaker is manufactured from high-strength tool-grade steel and easily breaks heavy roller chains. We also offer a bench-mount breaker for all-day, every-day, chain-breaking action!

Roller Chain Puller

Roller Chain Puller


Made from high-grade steel alloys with superior construction, the 41 chain puller provides ample pull strength on two ends of your chain for any task relating to installing or uninstalling your chain.

Roller Chain Lubricants

Roller Chain Lube


Consistently lubricating any chain is essential for improving performance and wear life. This is especially true for smaller pitch chains, such as the 41 chain, which has a 1/2" pitch. Discover our lineup of lubricants that will improve your chain's life and performance!


Heavy-duty series roller chains are engineered and designed with thicker side plates, allowing for a higher degree of energy transmission. These chains are ideal in scenarios where significant loads will often be persistent, including shock loads. Utilizing heavy series roller chains within demanding applications improves the working life of the chain and the capabilities of the machinery or equipment.

Common Applications for Heavy Duty Roller Chain Include:
  • Agricultural applications, such as implement planters, drives, bailers, and gatherers.
  • Plant machinery, such as drives, conveyors, and hoist mechanisms
  • Heavy Equipment such as skid steers, loaders, and cranes
  • Mixers, pump drives, and offset weight suspenders
  • Cotton gins and grain applications
  • Drive and conveying applications.

Heavy Roller Chain Versus Standard

heavy roller chain vs standard
When comparing heavy-duty roller chains to standard roller chains, the primary difference is the thickness of the side plates. The addition of material gives the chain more capabilities in terms of transmitting power and withstanding shock loads. It is important to note that when changing from a standard chain to a heavy-duty chain, the heavy chain will have a higher overall width value due to the side plate thickness. Simplex heavy chains can operate on standard sprockets; however, when going with duplex or triplex heavy chains, special sprockets will be required with additional clearance between the plates to accommodate the thicker side plates. See the table below for side plate thickness comparisons.

Size 35 40 50 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 240
Heavy 0.060" 0.080" 0.093" 0.125" 0.156" 0.187" 0.219" 0.250" 0.281" 0.312" 0.375" 0.500"
Standard 0.050" 0.058" 0.079" 0.093" 0.125" 0.157" 0.189" 0.219" 0.255" 0.283" 0.312" 0.375"
Difference 0.010" 0.022" 0.014" 0.022" 0.031" 0.030" 0.030" 0.031" 0.026" 0.029" 0.063" 0.125"

Helpful Info For Heavy-Duty Chains

Heavy Roller Chain Catalog

heavy duty roller chain catalog


Download our printable PDF catalog on heavy-duty roller chains!

Roller Chain Maintenance

Heavy Duty Chain Maintenance


We go over general roller chain maintenance and best practices for your heavy roller chains so you get the most life out of the chain with optimal performance.

How to Break Roller Chain

How to Break Roller Chain


Breaking your chain the proper way can ensure that you don't degrade the load capabilities or cause the need for a re-break. This selection goes through how to use our premium hand-held roller chain breaker for the best results!

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Split vs. Solid Rollers
split versus solid rollers

When it comes to accessories for heavy-duty drive chain, the rollers must be of high quality. Find superior usage and durability in solid rollers from USA Roller Chain. As the roller is the primary point of contact between the chain and sprocket, you need a solid assembly in every product. Shape deformation is the first complaint when it comes to split rollers, and you’ll even see more wear on your system. Over long periods of time, solid bushings stop most internal friction from occurring. By retaining their form, solid rollers are perfect for medium- to high-speed applications.

Heavy-Duty Roller Chain Quality Levels:

Take pride in Economy Plus heavy-duty roller chain because solid rollers are the norm. Use them in light- to moderate duty applications. Their high-tensile strength and compliance with ANSI B29.1 standards make them a standout.

When you're looking for value in your 80 heavy-duty roller chain, look no further than the General Duty Plus heavy-duty roller chain models. High-precision components are required in these chains, which offer extended performance times and solid rollers in moderate- to heavy-duty applications. Look for solid bushings in select sizes as well. Every General Duty Plus heavy-duty 50 roller chain comes with ample lubricant to serve your needs each day.

Don't compromise on any part of your machinery setup. Pick a top-tier model in our Premier Series heavy-duty roller chains. Appreciate the shot-peened manufacturing on each component. This detail also extends to heat treatments across the metal. Hardness and elongation resistance is possible in these heavy-duty roller chain specifications. USA Roller Chain knows that the manufacturer also pre-stretches the assemblies so that there are no surprises in the field. Top performance, impeccable strength and extended working lives define the Premiere series of roller chains.