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LL Series Metric Leaf Chain

LL series leaf chains are manufactured in accordance with ISO and DIN dimensional standards. These metric series chains are utilized in industrial living applications around the world. We supply a high-strength metric leaf chain at USA Roller Chain capable of superior fatigue resistance and shock load absorption. Our LL series leaf chains interchange with other manufacturers and can be supplied as custom lengths or in 10ft boxes, 50ft reels, or 100ft reels. We supply LL08 - LL40 leaf chains! For additional information or to get a quote, contact our customer service team, and we will be happy to assist you!

LL Leaf Chain Sizes

Chain Size Pitch (p) Lacing Pin Length (L1) Pin Dia. (d2) Plate Thickness (s) Plate Height (g1) Min. Breaking Load (kN) Weight (kg/ m)
LL0822 12.70mm 2X2 8.5mm 4.45mm 1.55mm 10.92mm 18.0 0.39
LL0844 12.70mm 4X4 14.6mm 4.45mm 1.55mm 10.92mm 36.0 0.74
LL0866 12.70mm 6X6 20.7mm 4.45mm 1.55mm 10.92mm 54.0 1.10
LL1022 15.875mm 2X2 9.3mm 5.08mm 1.56mm 13.72mm 22.0 0.50
LL1044 15.875mm 4X4 16.1mm 5.08mm 1.56mm 13.72mm 44.0 0.96
LL1066 15.75mm 6X6 22.9mm 5.08mm 1.56mm 13.72mm 66.0 1.39
LL1222 19.05mm 2X2 10.7mm 5.72mm 1.90mm 16.13mm 29.0 0.59
LL1244 19.05mm 4X4 18.5mm 5.72mm 1.90mm 16.13mm 58.0 1.15
LL1266 19.05mm 6X6 25.4mm 5.72mm 1.90mm 16.13mm 87.0 1.70
LL1288 19.05mm 8X8
5.72mm 1.90mm 16.13mm

LL121010 19.05mm 10X10
5.72mm 1.90mm 16.13mm

LL1622 25.40mm 2X2 17.2mm 8.28mm 3.20mm 21.10mm 60.0 1.56
LL1644 25.40mm 4X4 30.2mm 8.28mm 3.20mm 21.10mm 120.0 3.04
LL1666 25.40mm 6X6 43.2mm 8.28mm 3.20mm 21.10mm 180.0 4.53
LL1688 25.40mm 8X8
8.28mm 3.20mm 21.10mm

LL2022 31.75mm 2X2 20.1mm 10.19mm 3.70mm 26.40mm 95.0 2.01
LL2044 31.75mm 4X4 35.1mm 10.19mm 3.70mm 26.40mm 190.0 3.93
LL2066 31.75mm 6X6 50.1mm 10.19mm 3.70mm 26.40mm 285.0 5.86
LL2088 31.75mm 8X8
10.19mm 3.70mm 26.40mm

LL2422 38.10mm 2X2 28.4mm 14.63mm 5.20mm 33.20mm 170.0 4.18
LL2444 38.10mm 4X4 49.4mm 14.63mm 5.20mm 33.20mm 340.0 8.48
LL2466 38.10mm 6X6 70.4mm 14.63mm 5.20mm 33.20mm 510.0 12.20
LL2488 38.10mm 8X8
14.63mm 5.20mm 33.20mm

LL2822 44.45mm 2X2 31.10mm 15.81mm 6.35mm 36mm 200.0 5.50
LL2844 44.45mm 4X4 57.10mm 15.81mm 6.35mm 36mm 400.0 10.81
LL2866 44.45mm 6X6 83.10mm 15.81mm 6.35mm 36mm 600.0 16.14
LL2888 44.45mm 8X8
15.81mm 6.35mm 36mm

LL3222 50.80mm 2X2 35.0mm 17.81mm 6.45mm 42.30mm 260.0 6.73
LL3244 50.80mm 4X4 61.0mm 17.81mm 6.45mm 42.30mm 520.0 12.70
LL3266 50.80mm 6X6 87.0mm 17.81mm 6.45mm 42.30mm 780.0 19.50
LL3288 50.80mm 8X8 105.50mm 17.81mm 6.45mm 42.30mm 1050.0 25.80
LL321010 50.80mm 10X10 130.0mm 17.81mm 6.45mm 42.30mm 1330.0 31.56
LL4022 63.50mm 2X2 44.7mm 22.89mm 8.25mm 53.00mm 360.0 10.51
LL4044 63.50mm 4X4 77.9mm 22.89mm 8.25mm 53.00mm 720.0 20.29
LL4066 63.50mm 6X6 111.1mm 22.89mm 8.25mm 53.00mm 1080.0 29.74
LL4088 63.50mm 8X8 136.0mm 22.89mm 8.25mm 53.00mm 1690.0 39.20

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