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Pintle Chain

Pintle chains are amongst one of the earliest forms of chains to have been used, their simple yet productive design has made them a preferred chain for numerous applications for almost 100-years running. There are several different classes of pintle chain ranging from 400-Class to 900-Class, each class has specific features intended for specific industries and applications. All of our classes of steel and cast pintle chains are made to American Standards and utilize the latest manufacturing techniques and features to bring you the best quality pintle chain on the market. We also stock pintle chain sprockets, attachments, and more!

USA Roller Chain and Sprockets (USARC) is one of the nations leading suppliers of industrial and agricultural pintle chains and pintle chain sprockets. Our pintle chains are dependable, high-strength, and are available at unbeatable prices. We supply these chains to the general public, re-sellers, manufacturing facilities, and many municipalities across the nation. What sets us apart from the other guys is our extensive pintle chain selection and inventory, attachment availability, A+ BBB rating, and expert customer service. We are a dedicated medium-sized family-owned and operated business that works tirelessly to support our customers, even after the sale is made. For additional information or to get a quote contact our customer support team and we will be happy to assist you!
Pintle chains are utilized in a wide range of agricultural, industrial, and municipal applications. Each class of pintle chain has specific attributes dependent upon its intended purposes.
Wastewater Applications:

Both 400-class and 700-class pintle chains are utilized in wastewater collector and drive systems. Our 400-class pintle chains are made from a high-strength cast alloy and come standard with stainless steel cotters. The 700-class pintle chains are available in steel, cast, and acetal (non-metallic) materials.
Spreader Applications:

600-class steel pintle chains, as well as 400-class pintle chains, are both used in various spreader applications such as; manure spreaders, salt spreaders, fertilizer spreaders, and sand spreaders. The chains are typically accompanied by crossbars/ slats for moving the material.
Conveyor Systems:

Pintle chains of all classes are utilized in a broad spectrum of conveyor systems because of their high strength and long wear life. It is important to note that when designing a pintle chain conveyor the chain is only made to go in one direction.
Sugar Mills:

400-class, 800-class, and 900-class series pintle chains are utilized in different applications within sugar mills.
The advantages of using a pintle chain vary by class and by application.
400 Class Advantages - The 400 class pintle chains are able to be used in the same applications as steel detachable chains without having to replace the sprockets. They also offer far superior working loads than steel detachable chains. This class is also made out of cast steel alloys that can withstand corrosive and abrasive applications, our 400-class pintle chains come standard with stainless steel cotters.
600 Class Advantages - 600 class pintle chains offer high strengths at an affordable price point. They are also manufactured with an open barrel design for preventing material buildup within the chain, this series can also run in abrasive applications.
700 Class Advantages - When it comes to effectively conveying or driving over long lengths the 700-class pintle chains provide ample support and capabilities. These chains are available in carbon steel, cast, stainless steel, and non-metallic plastic options for applications such as sugar, wastewater, mining, and more.
800 Class Advantages - 800-class pintle chains are a super high-strength pintle chain type that is usually found in mining and highly abrasive applications. The benefits of these chains come with a special design that prevents breakage under high shock-loads and the ability to operate in the most non0ideal chain applications out there.
900 Class Advantages - This class of pintle chain only has one size, it's primarily used in palm oil and sugar milling applications because of its ability to handle abrasive atmospheres for long periods of time.

The definition of a pintle chain is simply a chain held together by pintles (pins) that are used with a sprocket wheel, see diagram above for additional clarification.

400-Class Pintle Chain

400 Class Pintle Chain
400 Class pintle chains are manufactured with high-quality cast offset-style links and hardened steel pins. These chains are available from stock with standard cotters or can be supplied with stainless steel cotters for extremely abrasive applications. Typically these chains are found in agricultural applications, water treatment facilities, conveying and drive applications, forestry, grain handling, and many more! We also offer a full line of sprockets, attachments, and other accessories for 400-class pintle chains.
Stock 400-Class Pintle Chains
Chain Size
Ultimate Strength
Pin Diameter (E)
Sidebar Height (F)
Barrel Diameter (H)
1.375" 7,800 LBS 0.31" 0.75" 0.56" 1.4 LBS/ FT
1.603" 7,800 LBS 0.31" 0.75" 0.62" 1.5 LBS/ FT
1.506" 9,100 LBS 0.38" 0.84" 0.69" 2.0 LBS/ FT
1.630" 9,490 LBS 0.38" 0.84" 0.62" 1.9 LBS/ FT
1.634" 11,700 LBS 0.44" 0.94"
0.72" 2.5 LBS/ FT
2.308" 12,480 LBS 0.44" 1.00" 0.72" 2.0 LBS/ FT
2.609" 14,300 LBS 0.44" 0.94" 0.88" 2.9 LBS/ FT
3.075" 28,600 LBS 0.75" 1.50" 1.25" 5.7 LBS/ FT
4.060" 33,000 LBS 0.81" 1.75" 1.72" 8.5 LBS/ FT
Note: Additional information and dimensions available on product pages.

600-Class Pintle Chain

Our 600-class pintle chains offer superior performance, strength, and durability versus other 600 class steel pintle chains. We offer both an import and domestically made in USA version of these chains. These are the most commonly used type of pintle chains because they offer such high strengths and long operation. These chains are typically found in agricultural applications, sand spreaders, manure spreaders, salt spreaders, conveyors, forage harvesters, baggers, live bottom trailers, and many more applications. If you need a complete trailer assembly with welded attachments or slats we can provide those, we also stock 600 class pintle chain sprockets, attachments, and chain breakers.
Our 600-Class Pintle Chain Benefits:
  • Fully heat-treated parts
  • Quad-staked pins
  • Open barrel design
  • Smooth operation
Stock 600-Class Pintle Chains
Chain Size
Ultimate Strength
Sidebar Height (B)
Sidebar Thickness (C)
Pin Diameter (D)
1.664" 12,500 LBS 0.720" 0.125" 0.281" 1.05 LBS/ FT
2.313" 14,000 LBS 0.875" 0.125" 0.312" 1.17 LBS/ FT
2.250" 23,000 LBS 0.938" 0.170" 0.437" 1.86 LBS/ FT
2.250" 28,000 LBS 1.050" 0.225" 0.465" 2.8 LBS/ FT
2.250" 20,600 LBS 0.937" 0.170" 0.375" 1.81 LBS/ FT
2.609" 29,000 LBS 1.063" 0.200" 0.437" 2.3 LBS/ FT
2.609" 38,000 LBS 1.138" 0.252" 0.500" 3.32 LBS/ FT
2.609" 38,000 LBS 1.138" 0.252" 0.500" 3.32 LBS/ FT
3.075" 52,000 LBS 1.500" 0.315" 0.625" 5.65 LBS/ FT
4.000" 50,000 LBS 1.500" 0.310" 0.625" 5.5 LBS/ FT
Note: Additional information and dimensions available on product pages.

Pintle Chain Cross-Reference

Part# Manufacture 1 Manufacture 2 Manufacture 3
662 D662 Pintle Chain AL662 Pintle Chain P662 Pintle Chain
667H D667H Pintle Chain AL667H Pintle Chain P667H Pintle Chain
667X D667X Pintle Chain AL667X Pintle Chain P667X Pintle Chain
667XH D667XH Pintle Chain AL667XH Pintle Chain P667XH Pintle Chain
88K D88K Pintle Chain AL88K Pintle Chain P88K Pintle Chain
88C D88C Pintle Chain AL88C Pintle Chain P88C Pintle Chain
88XH D88XH Pintle Chain AL88XH Pintle Chain P88XH Pintle Chain
600-Class Steel Pintle Chain Attachments
Steel Pintle Chain Attachments
We offer an extensive range of attachments for 600-class pintle chains. Our standard attachments include AE, AES, AK1, AS, SEF, G30S, G38, G50, K1, KG30S, KS and more. We stock pre-assembled standard attachment pintle chains and can supply a complete custom attachment chain with the specific attachment and specific spacing within a few days.
600-Class Steel Pintle Chain Sprockets
Steel Pintle Chain Sprockets
Our 600 class pintle chain sprocket inventory ranges in tooth count, hub type (A-plate, B-Hub, Chub), bore size, and sprocket material (cast or steel). Also if we don't have the exact sprocket you need in stock or if the sprocket is a custom part we can manufacture it!

700-Class Pintle Chain

700 Class pintle chains are primarily used in clarifiers, bar screens, DAF, API, and other conveying applications. We offer cast, steel, plastic, and stainless steel 700 class pintle chains as well as a complete line of attachments and sprockets.
Stock 700-Class Pintle Chains

Chain Size
Ultimate Strength
Pin Diameter (E)
Sidebar Height (H)
Barrel Diameter (D)
6.00" 28,600 LBS 0.690" 1.500" 1.380" 4.2 LBS/ FT
6.00" 6,000 LBS 0.875" 2.220" 1.465" 1.5 LBS/ FT
6.00" 40,000 LBS 0.750" 1.560" 1.440" 5.2 LBS/ FT
6.00" 42,000 LBS 0.750" 1.560" 1.440" 6.2 LBS/ FT
6.00" 33,000 LBS 0.562" 1.620" 1.880" 3.9 LBS/ FT
6.00" 33,000 LBS 0.569" 1.891" 1.578" 3.9 LBS/ FT
5.844" 19,000 LBS 0.453" 1.453" 1.219" 2.2 LBS/ FT
6.00" 40,000 LBS 0.750" 1.750" 1.500" 6.0 LBS/ FT
6.00" 40,000 LBS 0.750" 1.750" 1.500" 6.3 LBS/ FT
2.609" 22,750 LBS 0.560" 1.190" 0.880" 4.6 LBS/ FT
6.00" 6,000 LBS 0.93" 2.03" 1.44" 1.5 LBS/ FT
6.00" 6,500 LBS 0.932" 2.250" 1.438" 1.6 LBS/ FT
6.00" 33,000 LBS 0.569" 1-37/64" 1.024" 3.9 LBS/ FT
5.844" 19,000 LBS 0.453" 1-7/32" 0.882" 2.2 LBS/ FT

800-Class Pintle Chain

This class of pintle chain is used in elevating and mining applicants. It features a specially designed pin and cotter to prevent breakage and if breakage occurs the chain will remain intact. We can also supply 800 class pintle chain sprockets and elevator buckets.
Stock 800-Class Pintle Chains
Chain Size
Ultimate Strength
Barrel Diameter (B)
Barrel Length (C)
Sidebar Height (F)
6.00" 204,800 LBS 2.38" 3.88" 3.13" 30.0 LBS/ FT
6.00" 84,600 LBS 1.75" 3.50" 2.13" 14.1 LBS/ FT
6.00" 140,600 LBS 1.75" 3.50" 2.06" 16.2 LBS/ FT
6.00" 124,000 LBS 2.00" 3.50" 2.25" 17.0 LBS/ FT

900-Class Pintle Chain


Stock 900-Class Pintle Chains
Chain Size Pitch Ultimate Strength Maximum Working Load Weight
3.170" 32,500 LBS 5,000 LBS 12.2 LBS/ FT

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