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Take Up Bearings

Take-up bearings are designed to perform the purpose of tensioning belts or chains in a range of applications. Our selection of takeup bearings includes a range of configurations in standard-duty and medium-duty options. A complete takeup bearing unit consists of the takeup bearing, a takeup housing, and a positioning screw. Funcatlity of an entire takeup unit acts as such; the positioning screw adjusts the bearing location within the frame housing, while the take-up frame ensures safe and easy adjustment and a solid mounting platform for the unit. Our take up bearings are made from top-grade materials and are precision manufactured to perform in a range of industrial-grade applications and utilize premium lubricants for long-term performance. The bearing inserts are made to meet or exceed C3 bearing tolerances to eliminate vibration and reduce internal bearing friction. We stock takeup bearings in steel and stainless steel options!

When it comes to take-up frames, we supply a range of configurations, including; wide slot, heavy-duty, telescoping, stainless steel, and even hydraulic. Our precision machined frames exemplify quality, performance, and durability. Contact our customer service team for additional information or get a quote on a complete take-up bearing unit or individual components. We will be happy to assist you!