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Triple-Strand Roller Chain

Supplying one of the most extensive lineups of triple roller chain available USA Roller Chain and Sprockets is sure to have the chain you need. triple roller chain is commonly found in mining, agricultural, drive, and heavy-duty equipment applications. Offering ANSI, Metric BS series metric chain, and API Oilfield our chains are found in American and European applications. What separates our chain versus other brands are the various manufacturing technologies and techniques that go into our chains. Not only do we offer a "standard" quality chain but we also offer General Duty Plus and Premier Series for applications that require stronger and longer-lasting type roller chains. Besides the chain, we supply triple sprockets, roller links, triple connecting links, and triple offset links.

ANSI Triple Roller Chain Sizes

0.09 LBS
Chain Size
Pitch (P)
Roller Width (W)
Roller Diameter (D)
Overall Width (A)
Plate Height (H)
Plate Thickness (T)
Pin Diameter (E)
Weight (Per Ft)
0.250" 0.125" 0.130" 0.307" 0.232" 0.028" 0.091" 0.090 LBS
0.375" 0.188" 0.200" 1.262" 0.356" 0.050" 0.141" 0.70 LBS
0.500" 0.312" 0.312" 1.776" 0.475" 0.058" 0.156" 1.27 LBS
0.625" 0.375" 0.400" 2.222" 0.594" 0.079" 0.200" 2.05 LBS
0.750" 0.500" 0.469" 2.794" 0.712" 0.093" 0.234" 3.02 LBS
1.000" 0.625" 0.625" 3.582" 0.950" 0.125" 0.312" 5.10 LBS
1.250" 0.750" 0.750" 4.396" 1.188" 0.157" 0.375" 7.92 LBS
1.500" 1.000" 0.875" 5.546" 1.425" 0.189" 0.437" 11.80 LBS
1.750" 1.000" 1.000" 6.010" 1.663" 0.219" 0.500" 15.00 LBS
2.000" 1.250" 1.125" 7.200" 1.901" 0.255" 0.563" 20.20 LBS
2.500" 1.501" 1.562" 8.798" 2.376" 0.312" 0.782" 32.72 LBS
3.000" 1.875" 1.875" 10.696" 2.850" 0.375" 0.937 48.19 LBS

ISO Metric Triple Roller Chain

Metric chains are manufactured in accordance with ISO and BS Standards. We also supply a complete line of triple metric roller chain sprockets!
Chain Size
Pitch (P)
Roller Width (W)
Roller Diameter (D)
Pin Diameter (E)
Plate Height (H)
Transverse Pitch (T)
C/L Width (A)
Breaking Load
Weight (Per Ft)
8.00mm 3.00mm 5.0mm 2.31mm 7.1mm 5.64mm 20.2mm 13.8 kN 0.5 kg/m
9.525mm 5.72mm 6.35mm 3.28mm 8.2mm 10.24mm 34.6mm 30.1 kN 1.0 kg/m
12.7mm 7.75mm 8.51mm 4.45mm 11.8mm 13.92mm 46.1mm 57.8 kN 2.0 kg/m
15.875mm 9.65mm 10.16mm 5.08mm 14.7mm 16.59mm 54.1mm 84.5 kN 2.8 kg/m
19.05mm 11.68mm 12.07mm 5.72mm 16.1mm 19.46mm 63.1mm 101.8 kN 3.8 kg/m
25.4mm 17.02mm 15.88mm 8.28mm 21.0mm 31.88mm 101.2mm 203.7 kN 8.0 kg/m
31.75mm 19.56mm 19.05mm 10.19mm 26.4mm 36.45mm 117.9mm 290.0 kN 11.0 kg/m
38.1mm 25.4mm 25.4mm 14.63mm 33.4mm 48.36mm 154.6mm 493.0 kN 21.0 kg/m
44.45mm 30.99mm 27.94mm 15.90mm 37.0mm 59.56mm 188.7mm 609.5 kN 25.0 kg/m
50.8mm 30.99mm 29.21mm 17.81mm 42.2mm 58.55mm 188.2mm 770.5 kN 32.0 kg/m
63.5mm 38.1mm 39.37mm 22.89mm 52.9mm 72.29mm 233.8mm 1092.5 kN 48.0 kg/m
76.2mm 45.72mm 48.26mm 29.24mm 63.8mm 91.21mm 289.4mm 1710.0 kN 75.0 kg/m

Triple Roller Chain Accessories

To accompany your chain we stock a full line of accessories.

Triple Connecting Links

Triple Offset Links

Roller Links

Triple Sprockets

Triple Roller Chain Quality Levels:

Choose Economy Plus triple-row roller chain for your light- to moderate-duty applications. Enjoy features that include solid rollers, high-tensile strength and compliance with ANSI B29.1 standards.

When you need triple-strand roller chain in large volumes, look no further than the General Duty Plus triple roller chain. Each chain comes with high-quality materials, generous lubricants, high-precision components, solid roller and extended performance. Ask about our various sizes because solid bushings might be part of those features too. Support your moderate- to heavy-duty applications with affordable roller chains from USA Roller Chain.

If you have heavy-duty abrasive applications, USA Roller Chain has your solution in our Premier Series triplex roller chain. Every size comes with solid rollers and bushings along with a hardness that's only achieved through heat treating. These products are dedicated to precision workmanship with shot-peened construction and pre-stretching during manufacturing. You'll never deal with elongation along the chain length again. After purchasing this high-precision and high-strength chain, your machinery will experience extended operational life and tip-top performance.

Available Configurations:

The triple roller chain is available as riveted or cottered construction. Check out our article below to see what the difference between the two is.

Riveted vs Cottered Roller Chain:

Riveted style roller chain is riveted together when manufactured and is typically better for most industrial applications. The reason for this is because a riveted chain is much more likely to hold up in a circumstance where there is a sheer shock, which is when a load is moved perpendicular to the axis of the shaft. This is not a very common thing to happen but if it does a riveted style roller chain is more likely to not break.

There are two different styles of rivets that are most common in the industry. the standard rivet on the top right and the quad staked rived on the top left. The quad staked rivet is superior to the standard double staked rivet because it has almost double the shock load resistance while greatly increases the holding power of the side plates.

Cottered style roller chain is manufactured for ease repairing or breaking the chain. However, it is important to keep in mind that cottered roller chain does incorporate press-fit side plates.
There are two different styles of cottered roller chain. The cotter style on the left is called a J-Hook cotter and is specifically manufactured for API Certified oil field roller chains. The photo on the right is the standard cotter configuration used on ANSI and ISO Standard roller chains.

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