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V-Belt Pulley, 3/4" Bore

Investing in many V-belts to keep your operation running won't pay off without the proper pulleys moving the loads. USA Roller Chain is proud to support your mechanical needs with 3/4" pulley parts. Each pulley comes with precisely machined channels so that your V-belts grab onto the assembly with ease. Smooth operations are what you can expect from a ¾-bore pulley purchased from USA Roller Chain.
Consider the versatility offered by a V-belt pulley 3/4 bore part. Choose a double-channel design so that either double or single belts can be used in a unique configuration. Each ¾-inch-bore pulley has a cast-iron body. This weight, which can be more than 1 pound, contributes to strong operations with a matched motor. With V-belts and pulleys from USA Roller Chain, your company will see fewer repairs and almost no downtime. The addition of corrosion resistance on these pulleys further contributes to their strength. Pulleys from other manufacturers can't compete with our products that dampen vibrations and improve efficiency each day.
Trust in the ARPM Standard IP20 requirements that each pulley must abide by. USA Roller Chain will only sell items that withstand the rigors of everyday mechanical strain. Watch your operations thrive as a result of a pulley replacement.
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2AK104 Pulley 34 Bore 2AK114 Pulley 34 Bore 2AK124 Pulley 34 Bore 2AK20 Pulley 34 Bore
2AK20 Pulley 3/4" Bore
Our Price: $27.99
2AK21 Pulley 34 Bore 2AK22 Pulley 34 Bore 2AK23 Pulley 34 Bore 2AK25 Pulley 34 Bore
2AK21 Pulley 3/4" Bore
Our Price: $28.99
2AK22 Pulley 3/4" Bore
Our Price: $29.99
2AK23 Pulley 3/4" Bore
Our Price: $30.99
2AK25 Pulley 3/4" Bore
Our Price: $31.99
2AK26 Pulley 34 Bore 2AK27 Pulley 34 Bore 2AK28 Pulley 34 Bore 2AK30 Pulley 34 Bore
2AK26 Pulley 3/4" Bore
Our Price: $33.99
2AK27 Pulley 3/4" Bore
Our Price: $35.99
2AK28 Pulley 3/4" Bore
Our Price: $37.99
2AK30 Pulley 3/4" Bore
Our Price: $41.99
2AK32 Pulley 34 Bore 2AK34 Pulley 34 Bore 2AK39 Pulley 34 Bore 2AK41 Pulley 34 Bore
2AK32 Pulley 3/4" Bore
Our Price: $46.99
2AK34 Pulley 3/4" Bore
Our Price: $48.99
2AK39 Pulley 3/4" Bore
Our Price: $49.99
2AK41 Pulley 3/4" Bore
Our Price: $54.99
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Our v-belt pulleys are manufactured using high-quality grade-35 cast iron and are phosphated and painted for corrosion resistance. 3/4” fixed bore v-belt pulleys feature a key-way that is 3/16" wide and 3/32" in depth, they also have set-screws to ensure a strong hold onto the shaft. The fixed bore pulley type is concealed within AK, 2AK, BK, 2BK, and variable pitch (VP) series pulleys. We also stock a full line of premium v-belts, steel shafting, bearings, motors, gear-boxes, and much more. To get more information or a quote on v-belt pulleys 3/4” bore please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!