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55 Detachable Chain Sprockets

#55 detachable chain sprockets are available in a wide range of tooth counts, hub types (A-plate, B-Hub, or C-Hub), and cast or steel material. These sprockets are manufactured using the latest manufacturing techniques and use high quality materials for the best performance and long-term use. The chart below shows the standard tooth-counts for 55 detachable chain, if you don't see the exact sprocket needed simply contact us and we can manufacture it within a short lead time.

55 Detachable Sprockets
Sprocket Size Tooth Count StylePitch Diameter Hub Diameter Length Thru Bore Maximum Bore Weight
55C55C2.77"2.00"2.00"0.94"2.0 LBS
55C66C3.26"2.00"2.00"0.94"2.0 LBS
55B77B3.76"2.50"2.00"1.63"3.0 LBS
55B88B4.26"2.50"2.00"1.63"4.0 LBS
55C99C4.76"3.00"2.00"1.94"5.0 LBS
55C1010C5.26"3.50"2.00"2.19"5.0 LBS
55C1111C5.77"4.50"3.00"2.88"6.0 LBS
55C1212C6.30"4.50"3.00"2.88"10.0 LBS
55C1313C6.80"4.50"3.00"2.88"10.0 LBS
55C1414C7.31"4.50"3.00"2.88"12.0 LBS
55C1515C7.83"4.50"3.00"2.88"13.0 LBS
55C1616C8.34"4.50"3.00"2.88"13.0 LBS
55C1717C8.85"4.50"3.00"2.88"17.0 LBS
55C1818C9.39"4.50"3.00"2.88"20.0 LBS
55C1919C9.92"4.50"3.00"2.88"20.0 LBS
55C2020C10.43"6.00"3.50"2.88"20.0 LBS
55C2121C10.94"6.00"3.50"4.00"23.0 LBS
55C2222C11.43"6.00"3.50"4.00"24.0 LBS
55C2323C11.97"6.00"3.50"4.00"29.0 LBS
55C2424C12.47"6.00"3.50"4.00"32.0 LBS
55C2525C13.00"8.00"4.00"6.00"31.0 LBS
55C2727C14.07"8.00"4.00"6.00"38.0 LBS
55C2828C14.54"8.00"4.00"6.00"42.0 LBS
55C2929C15.08"8.00"4.00"6.00"26.0 LBS
55C3030C15.59"8.00"4.00"6.00"54.0 LBS
55C3131C16.11"8.00"4.00"6.00"58.0 LBS
55C3232C16.63"8.00"4.00"6.00"63.0 LBS
55C3434C17.67"8.00"4.00"6.00"31.0 LBS
55C3535C18.20"8.00"4.00"6.00"69.0 LBS
55C3636C18.70"8.00"4.00"6.00"77.0 LBS
55C3838C19.75"8.00"4.00"6.00"35.0 LBS
55C4040C20.79"10.00"4.00"8.00"37.0 LBS
55C4141C21.31"10.00"4.00"8.00"36.0 LBS
55C4848C24.94"10.00"4.00"8.00"45.0 LBS
55C5050C25.98"10.00"4.00"8.00"47.0 LBS
55C5454C28.00"10.00"4.00"8.00"50.0 LBS

Weld On Hub 55-Series Sprockets
Sprocket Size Tooth Count BoreRoot Diameter Outside Diameter Hub Type Needed Width (B) Weight
55W661-5/8" 2.62"3-3/4"W9/16"0.88 LBS
55X772"3.11"4-1/4"X9/16"1.00 LBS
55X882"3.61"4-3/4"X9/16"1.44 LBS
55X992"4.12"5-1/4"X9/16"2.06 LBS
55X10102"4.63"5-3/4"X9/16"2.50 LBS
55X11112"5.14"6-1/4"X9/16"3.32 LBS
55X12122"5.65"6-3/4"X9/16"4.00 LBS
55X13132"6.16"7-1/4"X9/16"5.00 LBS
55X14142"6.67"7-3/4"X9/16"5.92 LBS
55X15152"7.19"8-1/4"X9/16"6.77 LBS

Requesting 55 Detachable chain Sprockets

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