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81X Conveyor Chain

Precision 81X Chain For Conveying

81x chain

81X chain features a 2.609" pitch and is categorized as a steel bushed roller chain within the engineer class of chains. It is commonly called an 81X conveyor chain due to the straight side-bar design and common usage within conveying applications. This chain is commonly found in the lumber and forestry industry and is available with upgrades such as "chrome pins" or heavier-duty sidebars. Because of its high strength and effective design, this chain can be found in applications worldwide, such as lumber, agriculture, mills, grain handling, and many more drive and conveying applications.

81X Chain Catalog

Our high-strength chain is manufactured to ANSI specifications and dimensionally interchanges with other brands, meaning sprocket replacement is unnecessary. We also supply 81X sprockets, 81X attachments, and a premium 81X chain breaker.

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81X Chain Dimensions

Checkout the chart below for dimensions and purchasing our standard 81x chains.

81X Chain Drawing

Part # Order Pitch (P) Roller Width (W) Roller Dia. (R) Plate Height (H) Plate Thickness (T) Pin Dia. (D) Overall Width (F) Tensile Strength Weight
81X Chain ADD TO CART 2.609" 1.062" 0.905" 1.122" 0.156" 0156" 2.062" 25,000LBS 2.5LBS/ FT
81XH Chain ADD TO CART 2.609" 1.062" 0.905" 1.122" 0.218" 0.218" 2.531" 34,000LBS 3.4LBS/ FT
81XHH Chain ADD TO CART 2.609" 1.062" 0.905" 1.122" 0.312" 0.312" 2.690" 43,000LBS 4.3LBS/ FT

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81X Chain Features

Quad-Staked Rivets

81x chain rivets
Though dimensionally equivalent to other chains, our 81X chain is manufactured with quad-staked rivets. The main benefit is that the chain can withstand higher shock loads and side-loading without falling apart.

Solid Bushings & Solid Rollers

81x chain bushings
Utilizing a solid bushing & solid roller configuration with 81X conveyor chains drastically improves performance and wear life compared to split bushing or split roller configurations.


81x chain material
All of our 81X chains are manufactured using superior alloys, with each component being heat-treated to provide excellent wear life and extreme durability.

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81X Rooftop Chain

81x rooftop chain drawing
81X Rooftop 2.609" 1.063" 0.905" 0.437" 0.945" 1.118" 1.125" 0.154" 2.5" 1"
Note: 81X Rooftop Chain is also known as 81X camelback chain and 81X RT chain.

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81X Sharp Top Chain

81x sharp top chain
81X Sharp Top Chain Dimensions

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81X UHMW-Top Chain

81x uhmw top chain drawing
81X UHMW Top - Regular 2.609" 1-1/8" 2-5/8" 1-7/8" 7/8" 2-1/8"
81X UHMW Top - Narrow 2.609" 1-1/8" 2-1/8" 1-7/8" 7/8" 2-1/8"

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81X Chain Attachments

81x pusher lug
81x bullnose pusher lug
81x cast steel pusher lug
81x pipe pusher lug
81X Pusher Lug 81X Bullnose Pusher Lug 81X Cast Steel Pusher Lug 81X Pipe Pusher Lug
81x fs1 paddle
81x fg9 paddle 81x sf22 paddle 81x gt22 attachment
81X FS1 81X FG9 81X SF22 81X GT22
81x h0 attachment
81x k1c attachment 81x k3 attachment 81x sk-0 attachment
81X H0 81X K1C 81X K3 81X SK-0
81x fs1 attachment
81x SF1M1 attachment 81x sf1a attachment
81X SF1 81X SF1M1 81X SF1A --

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High Strength 81X Roller Chain

Some applications may require a stronger version of 81X series chains. Below is the strength compared to the various options for a stronger 81X chain. Note that all of these chains will operate on the same sprockets.
81x chain comparison
81XH Chain - 9,000 LBS Stronger
81XHH (XHD) Chain - 18,000 LBS Stronger
We also stock 81X chains with chrome-plated pins for specific applications.

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81X Conveyor Chain Maintenance

Maintaining an 81X chain is vital to ensure you get the most out of your chain. We stock a variety of tools and accessories to go along with your 81X chain.
81X Chain Breaker:
81x chain breaker
The most popular 81X accessory we sell is our Made in USA 81X Chain Breaker; it effortlessly breaks the quad-staked rivets of your chain and makes it easy to re-size the chain or make repairs.
81X Chain Puller:

81x chain puller
The Made in USA Cable Operated Chain Puller we supply uses a heavy-duty ratcheting system to take tension off of the chain when breaking it or making repairs.
Chain Guide:
81x chain guide
The Chain guide creates an easy-gliding, low-friction surface for the 81X chain to run on. Typically, it is made from UHMW material and is channel style like the above photo. Using a guide drastically increases the life of a chain by eliminating friction and metal-on-metal contact.
Chain Lube:
81x chain lube
Keeping your 81X chain lubricated can also play an important role in extending the overall chain life; it also promotes a smoother operating chain by reducing internal friction. We supply roller chain lube in spray cans or 5-gallon buckets.

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81X Chain Sprockets

81x sprockets81x sprocket in motion
When it comes to Engineer-class 81X sprockets, there are four standard configurations. A-plate, B-hub, C-hub, and split sprockets. However, depending on the sprocket size and application, we also supply idler sprockets that use bearings or bronze bushings. Below is a chart that shows the standard tooth counts for 81x chain sprockets.
A-Plate B-Hub C-Hub B-Split Sprockets C-Split Sprockets Idler Sprockets Plastic Sprockets
81XA10 81XB10 81XC10 SPLIT-81XB10 SPLIT-81XC10 10-TOOTH 9-TOOTH
81XA11 81XB11 81XC11 SPLIT-81XB11 SPLIT-81XC11 11-TOOTH 10-TOOTH
81XA12 81XB12 81XC12 SPLIT-81XB12 SPLIT-81XC12 12-TOOTH 12-TOOTH
81XA13 81XB13 81XC13 SPLIT-81XB13 SPLIT-81XC13 13-TOOTH 13-TOOTH
81XA14 81XB14 81XC14 SPLIT-81XB14 SPLIT-81XC14 14-TOOTH 14-TOOTH
81XA15 81XB15 81XC15 SPLIT-81XB15 SPLIT-81XC15 15-TOOTH --
81XA16 81XB16 81XC16 SPLIT-81XB16 SPLIT-81XC16 16-TOOTH --
81XA17 81XB17 81XC17 SPLIT-81XB17 SPLIT-81XC17 17-TOOTH --
81XA18 81XB18 81XC18 SPLIT-81XB18 SPLIT-81XC18 18-TOOTH --
81XA19 81XB19 81XC19 SPLIT-81XB19 SPLIT-81XC19 19-TOOTH --
81XA20 81XB20 81XC20 SPLIT-81XB20 SPLIT-81XC20 20-TOOTH --
Note: Plastic and stainless steel 81X sprockets are also available upon request.

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