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Roller Chain Guide

Since the invention of ANSI and ISO roller chains in the early 19th century the industrial power transmission community have been using chain guides to extend the life and performance of their chains. The earliest type of guides were called roller chain guide strips or roller chain guide rail, these were just simply strips of plastic put in place for the chain to run on. Though the terms have stayed relatively the same, since then roller chain guides have been perfected for each chain size and material type. USA Roller Chain and Sprockets offers a complete line of high-quality roller chain guides and guide rails. Using a roller chain guide is recommended in applications where the chain is dragging or conveying across a surface. We stock ANSI, ISO, and DIN series roller chain guides and can have chain guides manufactured for specialty chains and applications. All of our roller chain guides are manufactured using high quality UHMW material and are precision machined for easier installation.

Roller Chain Guide Importance

Why is having a good roller chain guide so important? Well it mainly depends on chain wear. Did you know that if a roller chains side plates get worn down by just 5% you have lost a great deal of chain strength and integrity! Using the proper chain guide will prevent this from happening thus keeping you up and running safely for a longer period of time. Downtime is a major factor when calculating a cost saving analysis or cost benefit analysis report, so using a roller chain guide often more than pays for its self not only with extending the chain life but with reducing down-time.

UHMW Chain Guide Material Options

Black Repro UHMW is for low demanding applications and is the lower cost material available for chain guides, it has an overall lower property level than virgin UHMW-PE.
Oil-Filled UHMW is best for high-speed applications and will provide an extended chain life as well.
Green Repro UHMW matches DIN 2768 European guidelines. This UHMW shares the same characteristics as the black repro material.
Static Dissipative UHMW is a high quality conductive material.
HT UHMW is a high performance material for high temperature applications, it can operate in temperatures up to 275°F.

Roller Chain Guide Types

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