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Metric V-Belts

Our lineup of premium high-performance metric belts is manufactured in accordance with ISO standard 4184 and exsert above standard oil and heat resistance along with static dissipation. When searching for a deep-wedge high-capacity v-belt our 38° wedged belts are sure to impress. Utilizing premium quality materials our belts allow for superior power, high-speed ratios, and smaller center distances with compact drives.

Using a natural rubber (SBR) compound has proven reliability, flexibility, and performance. While a high-strength polyester cord inside the belt improves the overall strength and durability and premium cotton and polyester blended cover houses everything. Note: cogged metric belts (designated by an X) are raw-edge and have a longer working life with improved performance. We also stock a full line of metric sheaves that are manufactured to ISO 4143 specifications, for pricing and availbility please contact us at (407) 347-3519 or email sales@usarollerchain.com and we'll be happy to take care of your requests.

Metric V-Belt Nomenclature

Cogged metric v-belts are designated with an "X" in the part number.
Note: Not all manufacturers use the same industry-standard nomenclature. If you have a metric v-belt using a non-standard part number or label you can identify your belt by measuring the pitch length (overall length), top width, and height.