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Mounted Bearing Units

Mounted bearings, also known as mountable bearing units or bearing blocks, are a type of rolling-element bearing that is designed to be mounted onto a surface. Mounted bearings typically consist of a bearing housing, to ease installation and provide additional support for the bearing, and bearing inserts, which are used to replace worn or damaged bearings in an existing bearing housing. Our industry-leading quality mounted bearings are engineered and manufactured for superior performance, durability, and ease of maintenance. Utilizing features such as c3 precision insert bearings, solid-base cast housings, and exceptional bearing steel grades creates a mounted bearing that is resistant to wear, tear, and corrosion and that will perform to expectations in even the most challenging environments.

We stock pillow block, two-bolt, three-bolt, and four-bolt flange-mounted bearings, including hanger and take-up style bearings. In many cases, mounted bearings are the only practical solution due to space or other constraints. Visit our website or contact our customer service team today to learn more about how we can help you solve your unique challenges, and find the perfect match no matter what your application might be. USA Roller Chain & Sprockets also offers a wide variety of other types of power transmission products to meet the needs of its customers. Explore everything from standard to made-to-order products for all of your industry needs.