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700 Class Pintle Chain

700 class pintle chain

700 Class pintle chains are primarily used in clarifiers, bar screens, DAF, API, and other conveying applications. We offer cast, steel, plastic, and stainless steel 700 class pintle chains as well as a complete line of attachments and sprockets.
Stock 700-Class Pintle Chains
700 class pintle chain drawing
Chain SizePitchUltimate StrengthPin Diameter (E)Sidebar Height (H)Barrel Diameter (D)Weight
6.00"28,600 LBS0.690"1.500"1.380"4.2 LBS/ FT
6.00"6,000 LBS0.875"2.220"1.465"1.5 LBS/ FT
6.00"40,000 LBS0.750"1.560"1.440"5.2 LBS/ FT
6.00"42,000 LBS0.750"1.560"1.440"6.2 LBS/ FT
6.00"33,000 LBS0.562"1.620"1.880"3.9 LBS/ FT
6.00"33,000 LBS0.569"1.891"1.578"3.9 LBS/ FT
5.844"19,000 LBS0.453"1.453"1.219"2.2 LBS/ FT
6.00"40,000 LBS0.750"1.750"1.500"6.0 LBS/ FT
6.00"40,000 LBS0.750"1.750"1.500"6.3 LBS/ FT
2.609"22,750 LBS0.560"1.190"0.880"4.6 LBS/ FT
6.00"6,000 LBS0.93"2.03"1.44"1.5 LBS/ FT
6.00"6,500 LBS0.932"2.250"1.438"1.6 LBS/ FT
6.00"33,000 LBS0.569"1-37/64"1.024"3.9 LBS/ FT
5.844"19,000 LBS0.453"1-7/32"0.882"2.2 LBS/ FT

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