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80 Roller Chain

Our well-equipped lineup of #80 roller chains is not only the widest variety in the industry but also of the highest quality chains available. The below selections of #80 roller chain is manufactured in accordance with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) B29.1 standards whom has been the go-to for chain standardizing since 1930. Because our chains meet the ANSI dimensional requirements, they directly interchange with other ANSI Certified brands of #80 chains and sprockets. Our high-precision and high-quality roller chains are made from high-grade materials and under go specific and proprietary manufacturing processes that has an outcome of an outstanding long lasting 80 roller chain. For quotes or more information contact our customer support team as (407) 347-3519 or email sales@usarollerchain.com and we will be happy to assist you!

80 Roller Chain Applications

More specifically, ASA 80 roller chain is a 1" pitch chain and the 7th largest
size in the ANSI B29.1 lineup of roller chain sizes. It's also one of the most
widely used chains on the market.
Common applications for 80 roller chain include:
  • Forestry applications such as mills (hard & softwood sawmills, Composite mills, PlyVen mills, Post Pole mills, Pulpmills, and more)
  • Aggregate and Mining
  • Construction Equipment (cranes, booms, lifts, and road machinery)
  • Oil and Gas (we supply API Certified 80 roller chains)
  • Agricultural Equipment (combines, tractors, balers, planters, cotton harvester, cornhead gathers)
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Cotton Gins and Grain Applications
  • Drive and Conveying Applications

#80 Roller Chain Dimensions

Size Pitch (P) Roller Width (W) Roller Diameter (D) Overall Width (A) Plate Height (H) Plate Thickness (T) Pin Diameter (E) Weight (Per Ft)
80-1 1.00" 0.625" 0.625" 1.289" 0.949" 0.126" 0.313" 1.87 LBS
80-2 1.00" 0.625" 0.625" 2.447" 0.949" 0.126" 0.313" 3.74 LBS
80-3 1.00" 0.625" 0.625" 3.602" 0.949" 0.126" 0.313" 5.54 LBS
80-4 1.00" 0.625" 0.625" 4.756" 0.949" 0.126" 0.313" 7.34 LBS
80-5 1.00" 0.625" 0.625" 5.910" 0.949" 0.126" 0.313" 9.14 LBS
80-6 1.00" 0.625" 0.625" 7.065" 0.949" 0.126" 0.313" 10.94 LBS
Note: overall width of cottered-style #80 roller chains will vary.

Bulk #80 Roller Chain

When it comes to buying #80 roller chain in bulk, USA Roller Chain and Sprockets is your source! We supply #80 roller chain on 50ft reels and 100ft reels, we even supply specific cut-to-length strands so all you have to do when it gets there is just put it on your equipment. Reels are available in standard, heavy, stainless steel, nickel plated, and coated types of 80 chain.

Types of 80 Roller Chain

Standard #80 Roller Chain:
This includes our lineup of the standard every-day 80 roller chains that are available in all three of our quality levels.
  • Economy Plus series #80 roller chain uses heat-treated precision components and features a solid roller design for improved performance.
  • General Duty Plus series roller chain is essentially the same except uses a higher-heat treat thus making it better for high-speed and higher load applications.
  • Premier Series roller chain uses the highest-strength components that have been heat-treated, shot-peened, and hardened to a maximum. They also implement a solid bushing solid roller (SBR) design and use a premium-grade lubricant for the maximum durability, strength, and working life.
80H Heavy Duty Roller Chain:
Heavy-duty 80 chains are manufactured to the same dimensions as their counterparts with the exception of the sidebars (side plates).
The side plates on these chains are manufactured slightly thicker than the "standard".
The end result of this is increased tensile strength, fatigue resistance, and shock load absorption.
Note: Single-strand 80H roller chain will operate on the same sprockets, but multi-strand heavy chains require special sprockets.
Maintenance Free 80 Roller Chains:
Weather your application is in a high-risk, tough to maintain area, or high dust environment we are sure to have the right chain for any application.
  • 80 O-Ring Roller Chain - this style chain uses O-Rings placed between the side-plates to keep lube in and dust out.
  • 80 X-Ring Roller Chain - this style chain is the updated version of O-Ring roller chain and possesses better performance in certain applications.
  • Seal-Guard 80 Chain - this is the most advanced type of maintenance free chain that keeps lube in and dust out.
  • 80 Self-Lube Chain - this style uses oil impregnated pins and bushings for continuous automatic lubrication.
#80 Attachment Roller Chain:
Attachment roller chain is made using special side-plates or pins that allow the chain to accommodate external parts.
Types of #80 attachments:
#80 A1 - bent one side, one hole
#80 K1 - bent both sides, one hole per side
#80 SA1 - straight up one side, one hole
#80 SK1 - straight up both sides, one hole per side
#80 WA1 - wide contour bent one side, one hole
#80 WK1 - wide contour bent both sides, one hole per side
#80 WA2 - wide contour bent one side, two holes
#80 WK2 - wide contour bent both sides, two holes per side
#80 WSA1 - wide contour straight up one side, one hole
#80 WSK1 - wide contour straight up both sides, one hole per side
#80 WSA2 - wide contour straight up one side, two holes
#80 WSK2 - wide contour straight up both sides, two holes per side
#80 D1 - one pin extended
#80 D3 - both pins extended
These attachments can be supplied as independent links (connecting links and roller links) or already assembled onto the chain in a specific pattern.
Strongest 80 Roller Chain:
For applications that require a super high strength roller chain we offer the strongest #80 chain on the market! These chains are designed for mining, drilling, and skid steer applications that impose high shock-loads and stop-start operation on the chain.
#80 Stainless Steel Roller Chain:
We stock #80SS stainless steel roller chain in several material options. Stainless steel chains are used in anti-corrosive and food-grade applications.
Material Options:
  • 304-Grade Stainless Steel - most commonly used grade for stainless steel roller chain
  • 316-Grade Stainless Steel - less-magnetic and possesses better properties that make it resistant to chemical attack
  • 600-Series Stainless Steel - strongest stainless steel grade used for roller chains
80 Nickel Plated Roller Chain:
Nickel plated 80 chains are generally designated as 80NP and are supplied with a high-quality nickel plating finish for corrosion resistance. Our selection of 80 nickel plated roller chains are manufactured in a way that prevents cracking and chipping of the plating.
Corrosion Resistant Coated 80 Chain:
When it comes to finding a chain that is strong and super anti-corrosive our coated chains hit the mark. These chains are up to 10X more corrosion resistant than the nickel plated chains. We offer several different coated options dependent on your specific application.

80 Roller Chain Sprockets

We supply a full range of #80 roller chain sprockets including A-Plate, B-Hub, C-Hub, QD-Bushed, and Taper Bushed. We offer these in mild steel, stainless steel as well as non-metallic plastic.

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