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Mining Chain

The core purpose of mining is to extract valuable geological materials from the earth. All around the world, mining has continually been a necessity for providing raw materials that allow us to live comfortably in the world as we know it. Throughout history, complete civilizations have been developed around mining; here in the USA, we began mining coal near Virginia in 1701, which was used for trade through the colonies and continued to grow as a popular mined material. Coal is what powered steam engines, created an effective method of collecting power, fueled the roaring fires at steel mills, and the rigorous act of mining it helped support and grow the American economy immensely; at one time, there were over 180,000 anthracite miners. Additional materials recovered by mining include metals, oil shale, gemstones, limestone, chalk, dimension stone, rock salt, potash, gravel, and clay. Mining has continually fueled the American economy and life as we know it. Knowing this, we at USA Roller Chain are eager to supply modern mining operations with our high-quality industrial mining products.

Mining Chain Applications

Our mining chains and mining chain sprockets are used in applications such as; trams, shuttle cars, bridge conveyors, feeder breakers, wash boxes, round headers, dinthheaders, cardans, biplaners, and more! Additionally, we supply many other supporting products like belting, roughing idlers, bearings, electric motors, and reducers. Discover the difference today with our genuine tier-one products and customer service team.

As a general product overview, we supply a broad range of high-power industrial drive components for mining applications outside of the application-specific designed chains mentioned above and below.
Premium ANSI & Metric Roller Chains

Mining chain applications can be some of the most vigorous chain applications in the world; our tier-one class Premier Series roller chains utilize solid bushings & rollers, wide-waste link plates, and hardened pins for maximum load capacity and durability.

Ranging from ANSI to metric and Engineer-Class, our board selection of sprockets are made from high-grade materials to the customers' specifications!
Trough Idlers & Belts

Our high-strength toughing idlers utilize premium sealed bearings and heavy-gauge metal and are made to last! We also offer a wide range of conveyor belts for transporting material.

We also supply light, medium, and heavy-duty mounted ball and spherical units for mining applications. Including SAF split units and Babbit configurations! In addition to bearing inserts or individual ball, needle, and roller bearings.

We have a wide selection of helical, worm gear, Cyclo, and custom reducer units built with AGMA gearing high-torque components with oversized bearings for improved durability and performance.
Electric Motors

Electric motors are used in a variety of mining applications. We supply fractional HP up to 2,000HP electric motos in a wide array of options and configurations (including explosion-proof)

We supply shafting up to 21" in diameter and 20ft in length. As well as custom shafting to suit individual needs and material options such as 1018, 1045, and stainless steel.
V-Belts & Sheaves

We have a wide selection of v-belt sheaves and belts ranging from classic to fractional and high-power band series. Including taper and QD bushed styles!